Dear Dominus “Panty Lover” 04/06/2019


Dear Dominus. Before I say anything I just want a lil advice so I can rethink what to say. Well I love to see my woman in a nice pair of sexy panty. I is a panty lover but not in the case of nothing nasty a sweet looking panty de37200fcf3f72ec5612263c63c4dbcewould more get me turned on than a bare pussy. I love it so much that I buy lingerie, panty and bra sets all the time. I does get pay every 2 weeks and I buy when I get my money on the bank each time. She got them in all colours styles, lace cotton, t-back, French cut, boy shorts everything I buy I is a man I used to buy panty for my old girl and just take pictures for myself to look at when she aint there to keep my company instead of looking at other woman I used to just look at my girl on my phone in a sexy panty posing. So Dominus I buy real nuff panty for my girl now and she does wear all them to work or when she going out with she friends and when she come home she does bathe and put on the old granny garbage bag that got in holes and I hate to see them I cant appreciate them. I ask she already why she does wear them ugly bingabag things to bed when I does buy sexy ones for she and she say she does want to be comfortable at night but Dom I buy all types she does wear all day you mean she cant put on none for me let me floss and admire she? Not even once? The only way I does get to see the one I buy is if I pretend to be sleeping imagesi5ai0zp8and watch she in the corner of my eye in the bedroom when she dressing to go out or work she does even wear the matching lace t-back and bra sets saying she will feel sexy at work or when she going out with she gfs. I don’t know if I over reacting if she doing something on the side or if I should just keep my mouth shut. Thanks Dominus post it please.

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