Dear Dominus “One today, one tommorow” 04/03/2019


Dear Dominus. I was walking through town and I see this girl in a short jeans skirt just walking looking lost and slow, one today, one tommorow. I throw lil talk at she from the sidewalk and start walking beside she and she play along and smile and start talking back. That was up all by the vendors mall and we talk all till Abe*** Dom and she ask me what I doing now if I hungry she would buy lunch for me she just wanna talk. We end up going KF*** short dey and the is woman was talking cool, she was a little down and saddish but she did really need a lil company. She tell me she going home and I offer she a drop home and when I drop she home she tell me I ain’t got to leff yet cause she does be home bored now that she and she man done. kink-link-23-marWoman open up to me about how she man horn she with she cousin and dem only done yesterday and he move out all of he things this morning. She say she ain’t even know how she will go work Monday morning she feel like a ghost inside. We end up breezing and chilling she start crying and then quick so the woman tongue did down in my mouth without warning and then she give me heads and we end up fucking bout 3 rounds and the woman did want more but I did tap out. Woman is a sex beast. Next day woman call me all cheering telling me how glad she is that she meet me and that God had to send a good man like me to bring she back to reality. Somebody was talking to she in the background and I hear she say this is my man on the phone i hey talking to. In my mind I did like how I get she man but from all the things she tell me she went through with she man I did feel fuck up to drag she up about me being she man. How women does thinkg giving way lil pussy does make them your woman. Thing is Dom I already got a woman and 2 children and I was just they flossing for a lil action . I didn’t expect things to play so fast I aint even had no time to tell she nothing so and we did already fucking. Woman was depressed talking bout she feel she did want to drink Clorox and bare cunt and I feel if I tell she so now it going fuck she up and then she going do some cunt. Thing is my woman is another cunt, she don’t play, she got the code to my phone and this woman calling and messing me every minute all sorts of hours talking bout hey boo come over I cook food and I got more loving for me. Woman sending me nudes, and nuff voicenotes and I cant even look or listen cause my woman right next eo me. I feel if I tell she I aint she man she going self destruct. I lost at what to do hey. Talk to me Dom.

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