Dear Dominus “One Nasty Bitch” 17/01/2019

Woman sleeping on bed in hotel room, close-up

Dear Dominus. I just find out that my friend is one nasty bitch. I going make this short. Well she don’t sleep in much clothes if any at all. She period come a night when she did sleeping, and she got a little house dog one of dem white fluffy ones. 44b5a0c56034c19ec2681780f3abe132I don’t know if the dog smell the blood but he come and was licking it from between she pussy and all she asshole. She say she thought she was dreaming that Kir* was eating she but Kir* dont eat she so good and he dont eat ass either so she wake up to see the dog between she legs, liking she nookerts. You believe the nasty bitch let the dog continue till she cum? After the dog dun lick up all the blood, she went and bathe and put on a pad but the dog was under she smelling all the time making she miserable and she had to put he out and lock she room cause he didnt want tot stop? What make it even worse she say the dog eat she pussy so good she say she going make it happen again cause she love it that long tongue. tumblr_n6tg8os7re1sp9hhlo1_500I ask she if she going just lay down and let she periods dirty up the bed so the dog can eat she, and she laugh and say no, she planning on rubbing a piece of KF* in she nookerts and lay down anytime she horny so the fluffy dog could eat she out. She does make jokes that she don’t need no man, she got a dog and ppl don’t know what she talking about but I know. All she does say is dogs loyal not stinking Bajan men. This gross me out so much that I aint even had the heart to ask she if she let **** (dog) eat she again but all I know is that she stop letting Kir* come by she on a night to eat she nookerts.

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