Dear Dominus “One Dance” 16/04/2018


Dear Dominus. So hear this, I went to a party and it was me, my good friend and she man. Now friend is a quiet sort of girl and she don’t unpick she teeth for nobody. This girl was I like she drunk or some cunt and come wukking up on she man. I tell she have some respect and step off or get push to fuck off. She allow me to know that she look better than all 2 a we put together and she could tek anybody man she like and gone back pooching back behind my friend man.  kink-link-28-april-pt3All he doing is laughing cause this girl look rachet as cunt and he say he aint getting in that he just drinking he drink. Now I don’t let nobody disrespect the order, I push she round and went and dance on he sexy as cunt. I wrap my foot round he and put he hand on my ass and grind he like he did mine, I do it slow like in the movies and let he rub he hand on my legs to let she know no pop down slut cant get a man I round. My friend did cool with that but she too fragile to do anything so cause she does get on like she deaf and dumb and she just back away. She high red skin and frighten for she own shadow so she does keep she mouth shut when anything have to happen. Now the retarded cunt that drunk going tell me she lucky she in a good mood cause it wont dun so. I ask she dun how and she pelt she drink and it went on me and my friend face and the man white shirt. Dominus I burst she cunt in dey people had to pull me off. My head get so bad and hot I rip out parts of she hair. I don’t play. After everything settle down, I drink a few shots to get me back in a better mood. We leave there and went somewhere else more quiet. My friend went to the bathroom and she man going start talking up to me and rub he hand on my legs telling me he like a gangsta girl like me and he girl too soft. I feel he thought I was drunk but I had my good sense. I find he real out of order, and I put he in he place. cover-social-media-promoI went in the bathroom and tell she what he just tell me and to put he in he place. Dom she walk up to the man quiet and ask he if he say anything so, I lying and my head get hot and when it get hot I don’t hold back nutiin I start to curse all 2 a dem and dem leff me at the bar and I had to fend for myself to get home. Dom can you believe this man messaging me still and tell me sorry but if we going deal it got to be on the down low he girl cant know. I ask he what he talkg bout, he going allow me to know that how I dance on he on the boat he know that I have to want he and he don’t mind doing that again. Dominus I call my friend to message she and tell she about she man and she tell me she don’t want to hear cause I like I trying to break them up. I whatsapp she the messages and she like she block me. How a one dance could turn men head so, is it true that if ya dance on a man too sexy he feel ya want he? And another thing, why women does believe men over them gf than them had for years?

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