Dear Dominus “Not feeling sexual” 17/05/2019

Smiling Mother and Toddler

Dear Dominus. You can post this if you feel like but I really want to talk to you so please respond. You know that I have Ki* right? We had one another for 7 years and he now getting on fucked up. Well after we had our child I have not been feeling as sexual as I did when we first met. I must admit he complained and complained and he even threatened to get an outside woman and I told him IDGAF go and fuck who he wanted to fuck. Well he said he doesn’t want to fuck anyone, but he wants head like I used to give him before. Yes I used to give him head 24/7 before, I loved it. I used to do it for me and really not him but he loved it. The first time I gave him head his eyes rolled back and he say he going lock me down forever. From then he was devoted to me and the truth is I would prefer to give him head that to fuck sometimes cause my pussy real small and I just loved to do it anyways. After our son, I got ripped and cut I had to get stitches and I did not feel sexual at all my sex drive just gone but he want sex de same way as before. He say he going give me time to adjust but after 3 months he want to have back sex like before cause he miss it. I am always thinking how can he expect me to give him head now and then kiss our baby. couple-bed-relationship-difficulties-why-men-like-sex-ssHe begged and begged for head and YES I say no I aint bout that no more and he became more distant to the point where he stopped begging. I am happy just to be around our son why cant he just be happy instead of letting sex rule his life? He got really miserable and grumpy and our sex life went down cause remember I really dont like too much penetration either. Now he has put himself in a financial situation where he has little money to do anything. We had to move out the apartment and go back home because he couldn’t afford the rent. He doesn’t give me money anymore for me, only for his son and that too is the bare minimum. I was using his phone the other day and a whatsapp come through same time. A woman tell he that he still owe her for last time. I had to find out what so I message back smartly and apparently he has been giving his ex money to give him heads and swallow cause I don’t do it to him anymore. So Dominus he breaking heself for head and when I confront him ask he if he is an idiot he say it is my fault that I got he so. He say that money could’ve stan home if I do my part but all I bout now is my son. Dominus this man so much in debt bailiffs calling he. Wunna does get so bewitched over sex though? He say he tired jerking off and if he ex didn’t have a man he would be gone but he will support his child. I want to have a family with him and have all 3 a we together but does this mean that I have to suck his dick and then kiss my child? This is now 2 years and my sex drive aint come back my child is 2 but my friends say my sex drive aint gone I just aint feel sexual towards him is that possible? Do women feel sexual after giving birth? I feel that is nasty and wrong. Why should my child have to get kiss from he cock… stupse.

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