Dear Dominus “No money no love” 23/08/2017


Dear Dominus. I am writing on behalf of my cousin that afraid to ask. He got this woman and she real blunt and straight forward. She does always say you cant carry love to the supermarket and she does preach no money no love. That is true but hear this. He does get pay every 2 weeks and before she, he had a life, bills etc. This woman does demand that he put down money to she every 2 weeks and I mean he does get $950 every 2 weeks and he does have to give she at least $400 out of that or she will stop cooking for him, stop giving he sex until next payday. Woman does sit down calm every payday on friday evenings and just drink tea or maubyno-money-no-love2 and just wait on this man by the table to get she money or she pissed off and he cant even say word one to she cause it is she grandmother place that get leff for she.De man head does hurt he he aint even got all the money to give she he does come work with bare stress and headaches and the woman does treat it like a bill if he only could spare $300 she would cut the food in half and ration everything. man say she put one spoon of sugar in he tea and say bring the rest and get the other spoon dat he lucky he getting anything at all money dont buy love. Man does even owe she like Cour**** where she does tell he dat he got a outstanding balance from last week pay up or get interest add on. I must admit feeding, washing and stuff for a man may might be $200 a week or less but if the man aint got it one week cause of bills he still help his mother with at home or he own bills piling up and he cant do nothing, it is NO PUSSY, NO FOOD, DONT EVEN TAKE UP A BISCUIT IN SHE PLACE. teaser-4The man say if he light the stove she does turn it off and say gas cost money. If he pull at she she does ask for the money to buy soap to wash she pussy first and when he stammer she does curse he and move. Man aint got no children from she but he still got a book list to fulfill in he work bag and material to buy for uniforms. He does have to go back by his mother on evenings and get little food before he drop down and then the woman does turn round and accuse him of dealing with another woman. What you think about this Dom!

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