Dear Dominus ” NO comparision” 08/04/2019


Dear Dominus. I don’t understand where things went wrong Dominus. Me and this guy are so good together. We have an amazing sex life. He is the first man that made me do so much and none of it seems nasty. He eats me and makes my pussy feels like its in heaven. At first I thought swallowing cum was nasty but with him everything feels so natural. He even introduced me into anal sex and licking of my bum and me licking his. I never would’ve thought that was going to be in my life but Dom here it is and the sex is amazing. Well he is a technician at work and his job sent him overseas to a conference for training and he asked me if I wanted to go with him he would pay everything, I just would not be able to go to his work stuff but we will have time together. I was so excited, I never leave Barbados I had to get an emergency Passport I never even had one and I pack so fast I forgot so many basic things but I guess I was soo excited tot travel and so excited that I was going to be with him. He paid for my ticket and gave me spending money and during the first few days he was busy at conferences but then on evenings we would go to dinner and out and then come back and drink wine and have amazing sex. This was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. I was hoping that he would ask me to marry him cause I would’ve said yes I a heartbeat. All of this came to a sudden halt when he caught me brushing me teeth with his toothbrush a morning before he left. Dominus I never heard this man curse and get on like that. He claims how nasty and disgusting it is, and he even spit up some of the orange juice he had in my mouth he was drinking. He asked how long I was doing this and I told him I forgot mine so I would rinse his off before I brush and after and I didn’t think he would mind because hey, he eats my vagina and anus and I eat his anus and suck his dick and swallow his cum. WE have unprotected sex and even have sex with food, he fucks me with a banana and then both him and we eat it afterwards. What is sharing a toothbrush compared to that. It’s no comparision to a toothbrush that can wash off. Dominus this man flipped right out and said he cant handle and be with a nasty girl like me and said that it is over he cant even stand the thought of it and it scrawls his skin. He came back at lunchtime and packed his stuff and he said he paid for the rest of my meals for the last few days and he gave me money for taxi fare to the airport. This all happened so fast and went from 0 – 100 in seconds and I didn’t even get to defend myself. I want to talk to him but I am blocked from everything. I just want my man back. I guess I was wrong not to go and get one when we were shopping but I was so happy being with him the only time I would remember I was tooth brushless was when I went to shower. I thinks couples should be open and sharing, andI wonder what he would’ve said if he had caught me shaving my vagina with the same shaving machine that he uses on his beard and moustache or using his roll on cause I forgot all of my toiletries on my bed . What do you think I should do Dom.

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