Dear Dominus “No cheap Date” 07/02/2019


Dear Dominus. I don’t mean to sound selfish or cheap, but I is a man that trying to achieve certain goals in life before I get old. I really like this woman, but every time I shout she, she want to get KF* or Chef*** or let we go by a bar and spend time and chill, but she don’t want no 4 for $10 beers, she want vodka and cranberry. Dominus, this is a woman that flat break, but does pretend that she only like steak, shrimp, and eating at fancy restaurants. She does say she aint no cheap date. When I say something she does talk about she like to spend time with me but I tell she every time we spend time, it is I spending money. Yes I do admit she always asking me for time, and she does want to spend as much time with me as possible, but here this Dom, she does want to stan by me till 2 or 3am and then say she ready to go home. Now I don’t drive, so you know what that mean? Taxifare. And that does be 3 or 4 nights a week and she aint live close. I ask she why she don’t sleep over one time and she say she like she bed, she cant sleep properly in my bed. Then because she got so much people at she, aint no privacy for me to sleep there. When I say something she does ask if I don’t like she spending time with me or who woman I want to bring in cause I aint want she there. The truth is that she is a cool girl, sex good, me and she does get along, but with her habits she keeping me back financially. brokemanbroke-1I does spend extra $350 a week at least just having she around and I don’t give she money, that is just buying food and taxi fare. My savings gone and how I get pay  nothing cant leave back with she like this. She does leave by me hungry on purpose, with my grandmother food in the fridge, and things in the freezer,  cause she feel like getting a gas station hotdog, and we got the same jumbo hotdogs home. Or she don’t want to watch a movie on the box, I gotta go theatre with she to watch it with a large drink a slice of pizza and a hotdog, every week. Plus she always want to go to every fete that out there and I cant afford it. I does dread crop over Dom. This lifestyle will keep me poor, what to tell she cause when I try to talk she always accusing me of wanting to spend my money on another woman cause she doesn’t think of the future.

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