Dear Dominus “New Things for Curfew” 16/04/2020


Dear Dominus. Well my man told me that he want us to try new things for curfew to bring back the spark in our relationship. To be honest I am the average woman nothing special or out there just regular but when we first meet years ago we was all in each other it was lots of fire between we but things get boring. He say he never cheat on me and he always wanted to have a 3some but I was never ready. I tell he I aint really bout eating no girl but I would watch he fuck a woman once I know it aint nothing and then we would fuck longside she. He ask me if I sure and I say I always wanted to watch someone get fuck live in person I never do that and I would like it to be a first with me and he and once I know it is just a fuck I wont care. He tell me he know a girl but she would want a lil something for coming out cause she got a child and I say ok we would put half and half. So Dominus cause of this curfew thing he say she will have to sleep cause she live all in St. Joseph and I say that is ok she could sleep at the end and he in the middle or she could go in the front house till morning. So Dom she come over and I give she the $150 we talk in she hand soon as she come and she walk straight in the bedroom and take off she jeans 1_791and top and open up the wardrobe and take out a hanger and hang them up. She wanted to kiss me up and thing and I tell she just do he and I roll me something and light it and watch them fuck for like 45 mins. 3187939-t7-enhIn between he was asking if I ok and was stopping to kiss me and touch me a little bit and she was trying to touch me too but I aint attracted to girls like that. When dem done she get up and walk straight to the bathroom without asking a question and Dom the bathroom wasn’t right there in plain sight. What get me next is that she ask he where the towel and soap move to. Dominus it was a Sunday night and the towel in the bathroom was wash and I didn’t put back a fresh one and the soap had to come out from the pantry but how she know that. My head start to boil and I start to cuss he stink asking he if he bring she hey before but she say most houses does got a soap and a small towel in the bathroom that is why she ask so she never was her yet. He try to calm me down and kiss me and fuck me but I was so fucking cruel I didn’t want he touch me and he say it was my idea and now I got everybody feel uncomfortable and I promise I would be good. Now I turn my back and tell he don’t touch me cause I aint no cunt and he turn on the TV and when the movie did dun I hear she giving he head and then he do it again beside me. If the curfew wasn’t on I would leave home and I cry so bad inside but not a tear aint come out. He come over and kiss me and I could not move I did feel so cold and I guess he thought it was ok he come on top me and foop me and then went back on she and do she and put she to eat me and was between she and me, everything I say I aint bout but my mind was so far it was like I wasn’t there I was just looking on. When he done he ask if I enjoy a woman eating me for the first and I could not respond I was in an out of body experience. Dominus I know I is who say let we try new things but I feel disrespected and I don’t have enough savings to move and I cant go back home. I have nothing to say to him now and he say it wasnt cheatign but I just zone out and making things bad between us and he want us to be good. Now everyday I look at he with so much hate and I cant get the image of what happen out my mind.

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