Dear Dominus “New Hairdresser” 17/07/2019


Dear Dominus. So I try this new hairdresser girl is see on IG in **** she real good and thing but she so particular she was taking so long to do my hair, I was hungry AF. I called my man to bring me something to eat cause I know I was not going to finish no time soon. Dom he tell me he too busy he can’t do nothing so at the moment, but when I finish and he got to come for me he will take me. Low and be-fuckin-hold, he turn up at the side door with a snack box and a drink in he hand and what I find out is my hairdresser daughter. At first I smile and say thanks he too sweet and he play it off like a joke and bypass my hand that was hold. The snack box did really belong to the little girl she snatch it from he and it look like who he apparently take out to play in the playpark and get food. He mouth turn white and tell me he didn’t know I did dey and he coming back now and give me like a knock like I is one of he male friends and ask me how my mother doing he gotta get back to work. I almost blow up and was like how my mother doing? You don’t even like she but he was talking fast and did gone. My hairdresser ask me if I know he but I just say yes cause I didn’t want no drama in she place or she fucking up my hair plus too I like my business private. The hairdresser start asking me lots of questions like she is the main woman hairstyles-for-black-women-with-thin-hair_548867and I is the outside chick making sure I not involved with her man she aint say so directly but as a woman I know but I don’t like ppl in my business so I srhrug she off and say I know he from school. I message he and call he back to back when she went to deal with her daughter and not a message ain’t went through he turn off he phone. I hear the woman ask if she lil girl had a good time with daddy and she say yes and ask when she going go by daddy like before, all I could think is how he could do that he live with me and we got a child around the same age and where he could be taking this child dat I don’t know. I don’t know what to do now cause he message and say he get call in for work and he have to work 18 hours on sea and I have not seen him since he avoiding me. I am wondering if to talk to my hairdresser or just leave it to hear what he says but he not answering messages or calls which he usually cant do when he on duty. I starting to doubt all this overtime and strict work protocol he does claim he live by. Dominus advise me please, what should I say to him when he decide to show he face.

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