Dear Dominus “Never See Nothing Like this” 07/03/2019


Dear Dominus. I will make his short I hate long letters. My cousin phone did down and he ask me to help he sort it out. I am a phone tech. Thing is, the board was playing he fool and he wanted me to recover his “work” files from it cause them real important. I don’t usually malicious but how ansy the man was about he files I know how ppl look when kink-link-23-mardem got dirt in dem phone. I never see nothing like this yet in my life. The man got pictures of all of his sisters and even his mother sleeping in a panty or sometimes just bare pussy expose. Look like this man does wait till when them sleeping, and pull off the cover and take pictures and videos of them bubbies, pussy and panty. Man even touch up he sister bubbies in a video and I mean this man got NUFFF of them. Man got over 400 pictures and 600 video clips this man did on different nights cause dates different, he had to be doing it from every since and I aint know how come he never get catch and nobody aint wake up. Man even do a video of he jerking off in he sister panty and cumming in the seat and putting it back then. Dominus I mean who would do that to their own sister, half sister and his mother cause I can’t watch all or look at all of these Man sick as rasshole and look like a normal fella. Man is a young fella too 19. I hey wondering if he was doing this when he sisters was in school. Three whole females in he house he violating. Man does even tek pictures of them if them sitting down a sorta way in the house and panty or pussy at the door. Dominus I wondering if to say something or just give he back he old phone with the new phone he bought and mind my business. You feel he is a threat to them or is he just a silent pervert.

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