Dear Dominus “Need to be touched” 22/05/2019


Dear Dominus. I was so happy before. You would see and hear me walking down the road singing and dancing. I always used to smile showing my teeth but now my life is becoming so hard right now. It even sounds worse that lack of sex is making me unhappy and miserable cause only men supposed to need sex like this. I don’t want to sound stupid or petty but my husband has not touched me since last November.  The time before that was sometime around crop over and then before hat was in January. All those times he was pissing drunk and I took advantage of that situation. I have tried to be patient I have tried to lose weight but he seems not to be interested. He told me that he doesn’t want me to get thick or fat but it is no fault of mine the size that I put on, batteling obesityso now all he does is work and he even sleeps in the children’s bedroom. I don’t want to be a cheating wife but Dominus frig it I walking around like a zombie just hoping someone would just whisk me away and have their way with me. I got that wand from you and another toy from *** but I am tired of them and b need the touch of a real man. It has come to a point that when this particular guy from work brushes my hand by mistake all I can think about is sucking his dick or letting him fuck me. I want to be ravished and fucked hard till I cant come no more and my pussy is tender to the touch and every time I pee I have to smile. I sound sluttish right? I am not a slut but I feel desperate for the man who vowed to be with me forever although he has not gone anywhere he is neglecting me intimately. I even confessed to him about my horniness at work and how even the guys touch get me wet and all he do was push up his mouth and go back on his phone. I felt guilty at even my thoughts of being with another man. My husband owns a shop and he gives me everything I want except sex. I would trade it all just for romance and to feel attractive again. Dominus I even walked up to him and ask him when are you going to fuck me? DO I have to wait until you get blind drunk again like those 3 times last year? His response was yes, cause he cant get hard to someone like me and pointed at my fatness. Dominus I cried for days. I don’t believe in divorce and this has been 8 years of my married life with him and another 8 when we were courting. I am so close to giving in to my temptations but I wont be able to forgive myself. I am a balloon ready to pop on anyone who even brushes me. It is so bad, that a girl at work was joking and she squeeze my breasts and told me I got 2 lovely breasts she would like them all now. I dreamt about her for weeks after that and when I see he I get wet. I know I sound real bad and desperate and I know women will knock me for being so horny but I love romance and to be sexual. After my 3rd child with him I packed on the pounds and now I cant get them off. So besides that 3 times last year, it was probably 4 times the year infront and none at all while I was pregnant the year infront. I just need my husband to appreciate my thickness as a woman. Should I get brave enough and ask him if I can have a boytoy? He would use that against me I am sure but this is overbearing.

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