Dear Dominus “Ms Confused” 29/10/2019


Dear Dominus. I read your post regularly and would like some feed back from your followers… I’ve been dating a younger guy for the past year when he first approached me on social media i wasn’t thinking of being anything more than friends. The first month he texted and called every day to check up on me. he kept inviting me out for drinks so i decided to take him up on the offer. The first date was great, it felt like i knew him for ages. I’m not one for PDA but that night i was so comfortable with him that i allowed him to massage my feet and even kissed him. from that night we kept going out on dates every weekend. By the 3 month mark i decided i needed to see if he was as good as he said he was in bed. 105610_03bigoh boy was he good, he’s the first guy to suck my pussy until i come and that was just the appetizer, cause he knew exactly how to fuck me. starting out all slow with long strokes and building it up to a quick pace. man did he drive me wild. i finally thought i found my match sexually since he was able to give me two rounds of pure pleasure. sex for the next 2 months was great we’ll go out and he would tease me till am wet before we leave, I’ll be so horny that I’ll start sucking his dick while he drive me home. after that period i started seeing that sometimes 2 days would pass and i wouldn’t hear from him. he would read my messages and not reply. so i asked him about it. he came out and said he’s having some family issues and at times don’t want to talk i told him ok but at least let me know you don’t want to talk so i wouldn’t be up waiting on a reply. mind you it’s a year and i haven’t met none of his friends or family ..things went back being good for a few weeks and now it’s even worse all we do is text each other every couple days. we were to go out, set time and place and at last minute he text and said we’ll have to change to the next week cause he’s having some family problems. i said ok no problem the next week was 2 months ago and he didn’t mention anything so i didn’t either. should i just let go? guys what can cause such a sudden change in behavior? Ms confused

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