Dear Dominus “More sex” 30/03/2020


Dear Dominus. I am hoping that you are well cause I have not seen any letters from you in a while. I hope you post this so I can get advice. Now to be clear, I love my boyfriend enough to want to marry him cause he provides and puts down money without fail and never lets me want for nothing. He lives with his grandparents and his uncle and his sister and brother and their children in a small house in *****. He usually spends the weekend by me and he is a sex monster. Sex with him is great and I love it me satisfies me but he wants it too much. By Monday my pussy is so sore cause the whole weekend is all about sex 2 or 3 rounds each time and at least 2 times a day but mostly 3 times a day. 3e0e0e961b927850afcdb296c87fcc97-24I told him that I belong to him and if my pussy aint available he can get head and if I refuse he can take away my ass and the last time he did that I was so sore for 2 weeks everytime I stool so I try not to have to let him go there but if I say no to vaginal he would want the next thing cause he doesn’t really like head for too long anyways. Now that this curfew thing on, we went to the supermarket Thursday and he buy so much things and put down and say we aint got to leave home we good and all weekend he got on a boxer and I in my panty and the house shut up tight. He off for the 2 weeks and me too I and he wants to have sex nonstop. I am so sore but he keeps pushing at me for sex and if I tell him no he gets on with an attitude and gets pissed. I don’t want him upset with me cause I know he has a big sex drive but Dominus I cant take all this dick all the time so every day especially 501cf617731b6c1b184868978b6abb0f-25with the bugaloos and he real rough at times he have in I bleed sometimes. I am sooo sore rn when I pee I can feel it. He said we would spend lots of time together and bond but Dom in between the smoking,card games, and movies he wants more and more sex. He has a nasty temper and I don’t want to lose him and I don’t want to tell him no and turn him away and he is a man that since he come from jail he doesn’t accept no for an answer cause he says he got macaroni pie and baked chicken at home he aint going and get no patty from a young girl from out she cooler I supposed to give him all he wants and I cant lose him.

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