Dear Dominus. Missing undies” 27/09/2017


Dear Dominus. I want the people advice to what to do about my current situation. In my mind I had decided to spend the rest of my life with this man and we rented an apartment. I love to keep my house tidy down to my drawer and all so when something is out of place I KNOW. I leave home first on mornings and then he reports to work for 9 but I leave to go to the 7 o’clock shift most days. I prefer that so I can pick up our daughter from school at 3:30 and have an early evening. I prepare breakfast and lunch and leave for them because when I am ready to leave they are now waking up. Anyways, I realize that every day my underwear drawer is not how I left it, and my panties are disappearing. I asked him if he saw them and searched the whole house and nothing. After i confronted him about it a few times and told him that something was up, some of my panties were definitely folded different and they have a different smell like they were washed with blue soap and sometimes still warm like they are heat dried. teaser-3I asked him if he goes into it and he said no and the second time he took offence. I know that I am picky but I am not mad and I keep finding discrepancies in my underwear. I put little things that only I would notice to gather information like sprinkle a light set of baby power on the first one and when I come back no powder and it is folded different. missing-pantyWhat is also strange is that it is only the undergarments that he bought or we chose together that goes missing, all the rest are untouched. I set a trap for him. I left my tablet recording propped up in the bedroom and although it did not capture it all I clearly saw him going in my panty drawer and taking it with him in the bathroom. He passed back in front of the camera in his boxer getting dressed for work but no panty was in his hand anymore. The tablet ran and cut out eventually but I know that he is moving them. The same underwear was back in the drawer the evening when I got home but it didn’t smell like me, it was clearly washed with another type of soap. I asked him about it without letting him know I did a video and he get on bad asking me what shit am I asking him. Dominus I have NO IDEA what he is doing with my underwear and unless he comes back home at lunch I don’t know how they are reappearing back in my drawer, folded rough like how he folds things. I asked him if he likes how I look in my underwear one night and he said that he has never seen anyone look as good in an underwear like I do. I took some extra time off and got an hour for break and my underwear drawer was in a mess and a blue one in particular that he bought for me was missing. The evening it was back in the drawer and washed with a different scented soap powder as I always notice. Dominus what the hell could he be doing with my underwear. Is another woman wearing them? Is he wearing them? If he smelling them. IDK. Please help. What can I do to find out the truth, I am clueless to what is going on inside my home.

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