Dear Dominus “Miss Pitbull” 20/09/2017


Dear Dominus. I find myself not wanting to go home on evenings. As of recent my woman getting on like Miss Pitbull fighting over me who is a piece of raw meat. This woman quarreling at every single thing and from the time 5:30 come she does be ringing off my phone asking where I is and when I coming home. I does tell lies and say I have to work late, but I really don’t have to work I just hate going home to she nowadays. She ask me if I dealing with another woman and I tell she no and this woman start hitting me all in my face telling me I is a blasted liar and I had to run and lock myself in the bathroom door. She start putting little black things in my food that don’t dissolve and I stop eating home so I make sure I come home with my belly full. The safest time to get in the house is minutes to 12 when she too tired and sleepy to get on bad and I does leave home early just after 6 in the morning and go and sit down at work till 8 just to avoid noise. I does wake up to find she searching my phone and checking my boxer and pants. miss-pitbull-2Every woman who add me on facebook she does add and ask who the fuck them is and curse them out. Woman does clean my car, not to be a good woman but searching for evidence. Dominus I wasn’t dealing with nobody this woman just flip out on me and I couldn’t take it. This girl start coming round the place at the shop I does kill time before I go home and she start playing dominoes and liming there and she ask me why I does cant go home on evenings to my woman. I open up and tell she dat she does get on like a cunt now and she tell me I could come by she instead of drinking out all of my money at the shop. I tell she I aint really want to get caught up and she tell me nah it aint nothing so but I can do as I like. teaser-2A evening the rain was falling bad and I get wet and nobody aint come to the shop and I call she cause the shop owner say he shutting early and I went by she and she tell me take off my clothes she will put them behind the fridge. I notice that she aint look too bad in home clothes but I stay firm and aint risk nothing I watch TV and drop sleep and she wake me up at 12:30 and tell me to go home cause my woman would think funny if I come home too late.  I went home and as usualy she get on for a little bit and tell me she aint got time for me she going sleep and I sleep in the front house as usual. I start going by this woman every day after work and I find excuses to get there on weekends too just to avoid my woman and me and she get close. I aint going lie, I think about if something can happen but I never approach she even though by now she was comfortable enough to start walking about the house in shorter shirts with so I could see her panty. That is the sexiest way a woman can walk around the house, just with a small piece of her panty exposed. She does tempt me, but I frightened that if I risk at she, she will turn me down and then I would have to go back home to the witch or start back liming at the shop. What make things worse is that my woman hear that I does hardly be at the shop anymore and I don’t know if she follow me or sain but she turn up on the woman doorstep kicking the door dressed in one of my hoody like a thief telling me to come from out by the whore and curse the woman black and blue. miss-pitbull-3She tell the woman leff she man that she aint going no where no matter what and say she will fuck her up if she see she agasin with me. She say that I in dey fucking aidsy pussy that she got aids this time I never fuck this woman yet I swear on my life Dominus. The woman did shame and didn’t about that and tell me go long with she and I leff. Dominus I have not fucked my woman for the whole of 2017 only Jah know it is the truth. Just of how she does get on and now in front of my children she dropping talk about me fucking this aids woman I feel like I would really go and risk and try to fuck my friend. My friend aint talking to me cause she feel shame in the gap. Dominus I get to like my friend but I am a man that got 3 children from Miss Misery, I staying here because of the children but I cant stand she for rasshole. I was just liming and getting an early sleep at this woman cause I hate all the noise and I feel empty like a love get take away from me. I did not even know how I did feel about this other woman till now. I call she and this woman cry and tell me she cant talk to me no more and put down the phone. I really hurt she for real and I feel bad about that, cause it was not my intention. What I could do about my situation, I wonder if she like me like how a woman does like a man or is it just like friends.

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