Dear Dominus “Miss Broken Heart” 13/11/2019

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee --- Image by © Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

Dear Dominus. I would like some advice please. My man has been horning me with another woman for months. It came to the point where I have said I am done but I keep going back to him and letting him have his way with me even though at the back of my head I know he is still seeing this woman who broke us up. Sometimes I am home alone and I still at the wall and stare at it for hours 093013-health-domestic-violence-woman-depression-sad-hurt-hit-unhappy-lonelyon end just wondering where I went wrong that he horned me, and what I can do to make him love me and only me once more. I know it is foolish but at night I get so lonely that I cant handle it and find myself back at his house begging him to fuck me. We have sex and I sleep over and then he gets his wake up call from the new woman in the morning that he pretends to ignore or he goes in the bathroom and locks the door and talk to her for 30 mins and then come back out and asks me for breakfast before he has sex with me again. I am being a fool right? week-party-friHe has no respect for me but yet I cant get him out of my mind. It is like I am addicted to him. I am afraid of change because before all of this our life was so perfect together with our daughter him and me. Dominus how can I forget about him and move on, I am so afraid to be lonely and single. I am afraid to let him go although he has shown me that he doesn’t give a fuck but then in another breath he says that he loves me.

Miss Broken Heart

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