Dear Dominus “Mine sweet hers sour” 16/05/2019


Dear Dominus. I believe I am a fair and forgiving person. Sometimes too fair and too forgiving. A few months ago my so called boyfriend started going to this workout session with *****. Now although he goes to the gym often, I find it strange that he want to work out doing all these softy sessions instead of what he usually does in the gym. I send one of my girlfriends down there to join and them see he being too helpful and friendly with this ugly ass girl. I would’ve feel better if she did look better than me but from the pics the girl look pop right down. My friend watch he and she get in he truck and she ask me what to do. She follow he to the supermarket and even went inside and see he playing he being all gentleman and buying buff fruits for she so she can be healthy and eat good after the workout and then he drop she home and my girlfriend had to go home so I just know that from the time he get home he stay there about 2 hours. When I come home I didn’t know what to do cry or hit he with the pot spoon I had in my hand. I ask he where he now come from and he say he do training and den he had to go back to work to finish up something that had to do before tomorrow. I couldn’t take it no more so I ask he if de something is K***** pussy. He mouth turn white cause I never know that name before but my gf so malicious she ask she what she name ad where she get she waist trainer from to be malicious. Dominus he mouth turn white and from dey I was hitting he cross he head and he face. He start telling me that he aint know why he do it he just aint getting enough sex from home when he come home I does be  sleeping and he did just want sex and she sex aint as sweet as mine. So I ask he if although my sex sweet and hers mussie sour if he still was getting it if he aint got no standards nor morals. He say yes she pussy can never taste sweet like mine hers more acid and sour and try to kiss me but I hit he again. He say well he did just want to cum and feel good like a man he tired that I always sleeping and dat I does got long periods too. So hear forgiving me. OK Boo… you want more sex? No problem…. But you cant see that bitch no more. I make him call and tell she that he and she done and then we went to the supermarket. I tell he that he like buying fruits so we buying fruits. I went and buy to my hearts content and tell he pay since he is MR. Show off cause imagine he buying fruits for somebody else house and we home aint got none. When we get back home I call he, and tell he since he like sour pussy these grapefruits is he sour pussy for the next 2 months as punishment for cheating. I cut as hole in the grapefruit and cut it in half and tell he fuck it till he come. maxresdefaultHe thought I was making sport but he know I am a piece a madwoman when I get ready. When he done I make he do it 2 more times. Now everyday before he go to the gym, he have to fuck grapefruits and come 3 times before he could think about going to the gym. 240x135-10I know my man, he could only go 2 rounds, and 3 does drag all of he energy and he don’t have no more energy to fuck nor come or even get hard till the next day. He does don’t got no more sperm inside of he neither. If she pussy sour, he got to like grapefruit pussy. If he don’t do this he have to move out and we done. Dominus I got he on a strict punishment and even though he complaining that he acid buringin up he cock he gotta do it. I can forgive he for his mistake cause he cry bad and ask for forgiveness, but when you do something wrong you have to accept your punishment. No sex for he till I ready and if I get vex he may do 3 months. If I want to come he going eat my pussy and then fuck the grapefruit. Dominus you aint think I being fair and nice to he?

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