Dear Dominus “lube staycation”16/08/2017


Dear Dominus. My girl went on a staycation at a luxury with a few girlfriends recently and when I was unpacking for her when she was sleeping I saw a tube of KY almost empty. I get vex and questioned her about it and she told me that she uses it when she is constipated to rub around and the tip inside her ass to help get it out and also that she takes lube everywhere. lube-stacation2She told me she did that already when she is having a hard time but I know that she is a woman who also loves to use KY for sex since she doesn’t really get wet and she always have KY around because of the problem she keeps telling me about. I don’t know if I believe her anymore so I am asking the ladies. If you are constipated and shit is literally hard to come out, would inserting a finger with lube and rubbing lube around the rim help? I obviously never seen this with her but she lives alone and has lube all in her drawers and in the bathroom drawer. She has some in a secret compartment in her handbag, and under her pillow. One in the cubby hole in the car and even two full tubes in her sex toy bag. She has so much lube around the house i saw her use it as gel in her hair a morning i slept over and she was in a hurry to get to work. teaser-5I asked her if she and her ex ever used it for anal sex and she said she has no problem with anal just take my time and I will get it a she uses it during sex or if she penetrates herself with a toy during sex. Should I question her more about why she took the lube?



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