Dear Dominus “Loopy Dog” 11/01/2019


Dear Dominus. After my family dead recently, I sit down myself and evaluate my life and talk to myself and how I appreciate everybody. I hope that You start back posting cause I would love to hear ppl honest opinion about this. Well I got a boyfriend that live with me. Really and truly over the years we had so much things we went through, I don’t feel the same way about him anymore, but I still love him with all my heart. That may sound foolish but it is true. I keep asking myself if I love he or not and I know I still love him, but Dominus I don’t get the urge anymore to be intimate with him, even when he keep quarrelling and complaining for it, I does just lay down and let he do what he have to do, and the thing is I am not that kind of boraing gal type so why I doing this with him? I am not cheating on him at all, but if he ask me to come and go somewhere with him, I does still find all excuses to go with my girls instead and leave he home.screen-shot-2018-07-03-at-3-40-51-pm-800x400 I know it sound bad Dominus but it is the truth. One time he threaten he going leave me and it hurt me but all I tell he is do what you have to do and I aint show he no face but honestly I aint want he go long cause I love he. He does take care of me, buy me anything and with him I don’t have to worry, I know he would die for me and live with me till we both old, but I cant get him like like that although I love him. He is not the best looking, but when I met him I fell for his personality, but now it seems like what ppl think mean so much that I am leaving him out of everything, every show I go alone. I read about things like this all the time and I am guilty. Dom, How can I love him and want him to stay, but I don’t want him around me when I want to laugh and unwind. He has brought home wines and beers for us to drink and I said that I didn’t feel like drinking and he said OK but my gf call me and I went down by her and get drunk and came back and had drunk sex with him and I ask him if he aint glad and he just told me I don’t know the half of it all. If he was doing this to me I would feel so bad but my heart has turned cold towards him and he deserves better I guess but this is how I feel right now. I want him as my man, but I just want him to stay at home, take care of me and stay in his lane and let me be. I swear I am not cheating but I can be cool hanging with my friends, I just think he needs to get some male friends to drink and play dominoes with instead of pinning behind me all the time like a loopy dog.

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