Dear Dominus “Like Her” 15/04/2019


Dear Dominus. I am writing to find out what you think about this. Well my boyfriend and I have been going through some stressful times. I had a long talk with him and he told me it was about our sex life. I asked him what would make it better and he told me that he really used to enjoy how this girl that he used to talk to used to wear lace panties instead of the cotton ones I wear and he liked how she used to wear lots of weaves and pony tails. 1430152861706Dominus I basically changed my whole wardrobe to what he likes and when I went on IG, he has me looking like her, the only difference is that she is a real bone bird and I am thick. Well I don’t know how she has sex, but what he has me doing is totally different than what I was doing before. He has turned me into someone else, but now he is very happy. He is so happy that he is spending so much money on me on things that he wouldve bought for her from the things she has posted in her past with him. We now go to all the tours and places they went. It is like he is doing a do over with me but being honest he treats me well. I subliminally questioned him about it and he said that at least he is not cheating and that yes he has a soft spot and a fetish for her and the things that she did to him, but now he never thinks about her because I have become everything he wants. He even has me wearing her shade of lipsick and tons of makeup like her. Dom, now I don’t feel like myself at all. Am I being stupid to change from my panties, my clothing and even my hair to please my man? It is kinda weird how he has me looking so much like her or am I being ungrateful because he treats me good otherwise.

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