Dear Dominus. “Liard” 28/05/2019


Dear Dominus. My man is a good man but he has a major problem. He is a notorious liar. I mean when I catch him in a lie I does ask why the ass he lie about something so silly and he says he doesn’t know. Dominus I would watch him drink my juice out the fridge and when I ask him he would bring down heaven and earth it aint him and only when I prove it is him he admits. I don’t think he is cheating but his liard ways has extended to coming home late, why his money is short, where he goes and even that he doesn’t smoke anymore. When I investigate it is always the opposite of what he says but it has never proven to be anything harmful like he was by a woman or doing something really wrong, he just hates to be questioned and every answer is a lie. Dom he is so bad he would say its night time when it is day. He even told me his mother got in an accident and passed away 5 mins before she called my phone looking for him. I cried so much when I hear his mother died and when he got caught all he do is laugh. Dominus a time I saw him at a fete, I was there. I call and he press it out. I message he and ask he where he is and the liard say he lil brother in hospital with another asthma attack and he just here holding he hand to comfort he. I had to walk up to he and tap he on he shoulder and ask he is QEH move and he just smile and laugh.  He lies about who he had and swears he never had them and the ppl tell me yes he was with them and he lies too much. He tell people he aint got me and them get back o me ans ask if i am an idiotMakes me think that when he lies about his sexual preference is it true? He told me he never went to jail and a police told me that he did. When I ask him if when he says he loves me if that is a lie he says no and then that too can be another lie. His lying makes me know that anything he says is far from the truth. He told me he works one place and only when he slept by me I realize the logo is different and the companies have nothing to do with each other. It seems like he wants to impress me with big time lies but I like down to earth guys. The problem is I have fallen for him hard when I thought he was a knight on a white horse but now I see he is a fool on a donkey I still love him but he continues to try to impress me with lies. Knowing this, although I have no evidence he tells me that I am the only one for him and he has never cheated on me. The only reason I have to doubt him is his ways but his is all because he tries really hard to impress me. Because of how he lies, I question everything that has happened between us and now I even doubt if this should continue. Hes not aggressive, hes a gentle giant, he talks ppl name real bad aand nasty and he liard as ass.  I never meet a man so yet. Dominus is this a good enough reason to quit this relationship?

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