Dear Dominus “Last Goodbye”23/08/2019


Dear Dominus. I found out recently that my man was cheating on me for a while and I asked him to stop. After talking about it for 3 weeks he asked me to do something for him to get her out of his mind because he still thinks of her and sometime finds himself calling her. npa-aug-31-dHe asked to let him spend one more time with her to say goodbye. He says because of their history they have never had an argument so he cant even think of anything she did wrong to make him upset that he has just has to stop talking to her like that and he at least owes her a face to face and to spend time with her one last time because she has been asking to see him. I asked him if this is just to have sex with her and he asked me not to ask what they are going to do but after this he will not see or talk to her again. I really want her out of our lives so should I say yes to his request?

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