Dear Dominus “Lady in Red” 14/02/2019


Dear Dominus. It was in 2016 Valentines night, that this thing happen by accident. We went in the gap to a nice Sunday night party, me and my girl at the time. We did dress similar cause of the day I had on a red button down and she had on a long sexy red dress. She pass home for she clothes to get ready for work from by me cause she was sleeping over. We did drinking vodka and cranberry all night and we did feel a kinda way to fuck down the place. That night was the kinkiest night I ever had, she gargle my balls, gimme the sweetest sloppiest head and I eat she pussy drooling like I did teething. I went to the bathroom to piss and when I wash my hands I see blood all round my mouth. img_20121014_104343I wash off my mouth and when I get back to the bedroom, before I could say anything woman pull me down in the bed and sit down in my face talk bout I leff before she could come. Well Dom, I did gone so far already, we did fucking without condoms so a lil blood cant kill. Plus with the vodka taste still in my system, the lil red iron didn’t taste as bad as people does make it sound. It is only after she cum in my face and get off to kiss me that she realise and she turn on the light and was shame but I tell she everything safe. She went and wash up and put on a pad I tell she well I eat it already mek no sense being powful and shame now I want to brek again before I get blue balls. She did hesitant and I kiss she up in she neck and in 2-2s I down between she pussy eating um and then I fuck she like a man fresh out a Dodds. week-party-2019-vdayDom we start calling that act ‘lady in red’ cause of how she did dress she even had on a red panty dat night and every period we would get some vodka and cranberry and I would eat she and fuck she through she cycle and even she get into it being turned on by me and start kissing me back after my face red up and we useta have we wild fun and just change the sheets whenever we done. She had liked to do it cause she like the thougth of doing things that wrong. Sex during red lights is the best cause she does be wetter and does come more back to back, but now me and she done just after crop over last year, I cant get a girl who not stuck up and open minded enough to just settle down with me and don’t skin up she face when I want to do that. I know you know nuff people and if you post this I know the girls who does pretend them would never do that would come out and let you know. Ah begging for a set up, with a girl who also let me love my lady in red time. Thanks boss. DM me.

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