Dear Dominus “Kissing Theory” 28/06/2019


Dear Dominus. It is hard to find a single woman nowadays who don’t got a man. I have been looking for a long time and some of them say up front  that they have a man and others just say that they does talk to a friend. One thing dat is common between all women that have a man is that they don’t kiss. I fuck women that never kiss me nor cuddle nothing so but give me heads and I eats pussy but no kisses and when u hear the shout she got a man. Them does want ya fuck and you cant even kiss in them neck just fuck and go long home. img-20190627-wa0011This does happen all the time cause women that have men does feel that kissing more personal than having sex. I does got women telling me that they don’t kiss but we can do anything else soI don’t know why that is so? A woman even let me never kiss me so all de talk about she single I know she got a man and she cant bear t o kiss another man. So Dom ask the women if this aint true that kissing more personal than fucking so if you get a woman to kiss you she really like you you is the inside man but that don’t mean she aint giving nobody the fronts that is where I come in I is the fronts man so personal men get kisses I get action straight talk. But hear tune now, I got something I like bad, she don’t kiss me saying she don’t like kissing but does give me all kind of sex but she say I am she personal man I feel she lying cause I prove to you how it does work my kissign theory Dom you feel she got an inside man or something dat would fuck me up I cant imagine that she is a good girl and deserve a man like me that know how to treat she? I want to know before I buy she something expensive gift for she birthday cause outside women don’t get a pang but doggie from me.

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