Dear Dominus “Keeping Company” 04/11/2019


Dear Dominus. I met this woman at a bar, she was drinking alone and I could tell she was in a bad place. She told me that she had just came out of a toxic relationship and just wanted to be alone. When I turned to walk away she held my hand and ask me if it is ok if I just sit with her and not talk. I did that and we ended up drinking 3 rounds without saying a word. When she was ready to leave she told Friday I will be here if you feel like keeping my company again and said she appreciated my silence. dancers-wanted-small2Dominus I just feel comfortable with this woman and I was there early Friday at the bar. Just when I was about to leave she came and we sat but this time she was talking. We talking till the bar was closed and to make a long story short we met at the bar every week for a month before I got her number. After that things moved swiftly I found out she lived alone and was struggling and I helped her out with bills and rent she was about to get put out and everything was behind and ready to cut off. We become a couple and I started sleeping over. She was very ambitious and wanted to do her own spa business. I like a woman who wants better for herself and I pay for a course and help her set up a salon from scratch. I bring in chairs and other things paint and bring it from just a little spot to a high class spa. This was close to a year we were talking, all the time we were still going out by the bar sex was good and she started telling me that she in love with me. Her business started to do good and she had less time to hang out and chill and she stopped needing my help because her business was making thousands a week. I fell so happy to see her move from a one jeans girl to being so successful but then one evening I turned the key and she was there on the longchair kissing a man. 12I start to keep noise and she tell me have respect that is her husband that he come back and ready to work it out. He left her just before I met her and told her to pull her life together andshe used me to show him that she can be a better woman and get him back. I feel so fuck up I did want to kill people. My friends calm me down and tell me I can always replace money but just move on but I cant help but feel bad seeing her on IG or FB all the time posing off with her husband like he is who help she through the bad times and she never do nothing with me but hang out at a little corner bar and take selfies and drain my bank account. Dominus as men we got to beware of these types of leaches but she gave no signs that she even had no body and when I ask she tell me no and I used to be by she 24/7 and she never even used to get a call.

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