Dear Dominus “Just Platonic”20/05/2019


Dear Dominus. I have a question that I would like some feedback on please. My ex and I started out as classmates and good friends. We did classes together at O’Le**** and over the time we became close and got intimately involved between relationships and then finally when we were both single the same time we decided to try it. This guy is so cool that we lasted 3 years and we never had any real arguments. The only thing that came between us was his schedule because he works for his father which takes up lots of time and I need lots of attention and quality time so it was a mutual decision that since he really didn’t have time for me anymore we should part ways. We parted on really good terms we even arranged a last sexual weekend and it was great before we said its officially over. Now I have met another guy who is my boyfriend he is saying that he doesn’t want me to be friends with my ex even though I try to tell him it’s over and nothing won’t ever happen again between us. Dominus we are just good friends but he gets so annoyed when he is around me or takes me anywhere or when he finds out that he messaged me or something. He thinks that because we are so cool with each other old flames will spark but I can talk to my ex or do anything with my ex and nothing sexual ever comes up. It’s just that my ex is like a best friend its just platonic even though we still admire each other, I swear nothing will ever happen. Dominus I can call his at 3am and wake him up and he would come for me and take me home without expecting anything in return, he has done it already when I went to a cruise and my BF was so vex when he heard how I got home. bjtcmHe acted so vex and jealous for a long time and gave me an ultimatum to end the friendship but I called his bluff and he just shook is head in disbelief. One time my ex gave me money cause things were very tight and he bf was so blasted vex he told me to return it but he himself couldnt help me but doesnt want me to reach out to someone who can unconditionally. Is there something wrong with being friends with your ex? Dominus you should know that all relationships are not sexual but he seems to think so. My thing is why loose a good friend over his insecurities but he is saying that I am being disrespectful because he is still my friend and I don’t comply to his wishes. I would like to hear your thoughts on this Dom.

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