Dear Dominus “Just Like Jerking” 10/08/2018

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Handsome man having headache sitting on his bed

Dear Dominus. I going open up to you and let you know what going on in my house. It actually make me feel real bad cause I thought she was better than this. I aint a man to run bout with a lot of females, so instead of chasing pussy that is why I buy a few of them real life pussy from you everysince. What I aint tell you is that I did give this girl a big teddy bear one time for valentines and when she went long she drop it off by me and say seeing it make she hate me even more so it is either give me back or burn it. So a time I was on the net and I see a sex doll u could lay down and foop so I collyfox a lil something and I cut out the crutch and put in the mock pussy in it.xxxx After I fuck it a few times I stitch up something to mek it strong and now I got a bear that does sleep on my bed in a panty with a mock pussy. All I does have to do is lube up and fuck and it could take out and wash out in the morning. When the pussy beat out I does just replace it with another one, I got in the last one I buy from you now Dom. Ppl would say it sound bad but it is just like jerking off and I ain’t bout the place making myself a idiot running behind pussy and catching aids nor nothing. So when I meet she, the teddy bear went in the cupboard and after we did together almost a year she start moving in clothes and she see it and I tell she the truth that that is my little sex toy I make up for when nights cold. Just like all other women, when she move in, sex move out and she hardly used to pass pussy, and she even used to drop comments bout go and fuck teddy. kink-link-aug-11-pt2After a while I start back, cause I didn’t want to cheat nor nothing and this woman start making sport at me when I out telling ppl I got a whole woman on she and she got nuff hair ask me who she is. She even tell she friends I bring a woman in she bed and all sort of thing. What got me is that I confide in she and now she turning round and making me feel small cause I got a lil fetish telling me the bear look like a male bear I is a bulla or I does leave out real pussy for mock one but Dominus I tired asking she for sex and she turning me down got me like I begging for salt. I don’t see nothing wrong with me and my toy it better that fooping on she head but now she does drop comments and make me feel small and bad bout myself. I don’t know what to do, she is the first woman I had since my 3 year break from women but she got sex on she terms only. When we first meet she was like a bunny rabbit till she move in and now she laughing at my needs that I confide in she in. She take pictures of teddy and tell me if I done wid she she will let my mother and whole family know who I done with she for and my career would be done. I aint want nobody to know about that part of my sex life that private. She tell me she comfortable and we good and it is me who mekking problems for we. What to Do Dom.

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