Dear Dominus “Judicial System” 24/07/2019

I’ve spent the past 12hrs just numb at the fact that the legal system in Barbados is so one sided and corrupt… that a judge actually awarded my children to four (4) days with a woman who never wanted them, simply because she submitted an affidavit filled with lies.
My day in court was unquestionably the worst day of my life because all I heard was that I evicted her, and I was keeping her from seeing her children because of a rash, rather than being heard. At one point I actually asked my lawyer if they weren’t my children too, because all the judge kept saying was “her” children, “her” children, “her” children.
Forget that fact that by her mother’s house did this to *our* now 9 month old daughter, as the judge, her lawyer and her mother said, it’s just a rash.
Forget the fact that she allowed our 22 month old son to run 10 – 15 meters away into a busy carpark before even moving, after all, when I told the judge this she asked if I was perfect.
Forget the fact that she lied on the 9 month old saying that she had a preexisting skin condition before entering the unsanitary environment that gave her the rash.
Forget the fact that there was a medical report stating that the child was to stay away from that unsanitary environment, into which she will now spend every Thursday to Sunday.
Forget the fact that I have taken care of my children since birth and their mother weaned one child before 3 months and the other at 3 months so she could get her sleep.
Forget the fact that whenever the children have been sick I’ve been the one who when with them in the middle of the night while she slept.
Forget the fact that she said that she wanted a life that existed outside of me and the children, and when I gave her that, all she, and the judge, could talk about was that I evicted her and was keeping the children from her… and the numerous exhibitions of this.
Forget the fact that she excluded herself from seeing the children where they live(d), cancelled numerous occasions to meet, and even staked us out once or twice at places and times of her choosing.
Forget as well that on June 26th she proposed letting the children stay away for a month to determine if the environment was contributing to the rash, then rescinded this because I wouldn’t give her the children’s birth certificates to go defraud the w*****  department, took the children back there, called the police and apparently visited child c******  and the same w**** department for me for refusing to give her access because she wanted the children back there, and finally put me in court on July 22 for trying to keep our children safe.
Forget the fact that the children have not been in that environment since June 28th and have been receiving medical treatment for the rashes for the past 14 days since seeing yet another doctor, whose appointment she was too busy to attend, and are get better.
Forget the fact that she still wears tones of perfume when she comes around and holds the child with the severe rash… but then again, it is just a rash.
Forget all of that, because according to the judge, I can’t put her out and then say that where she is isn’t good enough… and let’s not forget that I’m preventing her from seeing “her” children.
Forget all of that.
I have asked myself countless times during the marriage, why would God have chosen that person to give me children? Someone as hateful, hate-filled, lying, conniving, manipulative and downright evil as her, to share these two beautiful children with…? And during these past two months since putting her out, I have suffered a hail of torment and persecution, having the police called for me, having their godmother call me and tell me all manner of things, including that I am a no good teacher, when I gave her child nothing but support when she was at ****, and finally yesterday’s indignation of a hearing where the role of a father wanting to protect his children was reduced to nothing, because they are “her” children.
Yes. I no longer have any respect for the Law in Barbados, because even though the Family Law Act states that the Power of the court in custodial proceedings, “in respect of the guardianship or custody of, or access to, children of a marriage or union, the court shall regard the welfare of the children as the first and paramount consideration”
I witnessed firsthand, that this is not the case. The court considered the affidavit and the terms outlined within as its paramount consideration, because from the time I sat down, and the judge was informed what matter was before her, the look I got said everything… after all, the consideration was that I evicted her, and that I couldn’t put someone out and then say that where they are living isn’t good enough… and that I couldn’t keep the children from going there just because of a rash.
Oh, and I should mention, I was served on Friday for this court appearance yesterday.
So yeah… fuck Barbados and it’s legal and judicial system…
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