Dear Dominus “It in Yet?” 31/05/2019


Dear Dominus. I know I aint no rasshole Mandigo I got a pecka. I measure it already and it is 4 1/2 inches strong and it tek me a while to accept that when girls does tal kabout them want a 12 inch dicky moving them belly. Well Dominus I get pass this fear and I start talking to women and I does let the girls know up front my doggy small but my tongue game strong to mek it up. So this girl who supposed to be my woman, se was playing stush and big up. It tek 2 months, every weekend at Che*** and KF*** going church with she on Sundays and helping out with 2 light bills for she to pass lil pussy. I remind she that my dicky small but I could eat she for a whole hour and then fuck till I break. I kiss she and finger she. Woman getting on bad on my one finger and even worse on 2. I eat she pussy and make she comebf61ba40ba81a4372ce8fb90d6c8538b-23 twenty-eleven times den. I gone and put in my cock after a good hour of foreplay she going ask me if it in yet? Woman start laughing and tell me get the fuck off she and jerk off she dont deal with lil boys. I tell she that she pussy got to be beat right out if she cant fell my 4.5 cause if she can feel my finger what happen she cant feel the cock and my cock bigger. SHe did still want to talk to me but she say she aitn giving me no more pussy I is a waste of she time she want a good hard fuckign after a eating like that and I cant do that for she but I is still she man. I feel she just want to laugh at me and she call she friends and tell them it is true I cant fuck no fuck and it real small in truth. You can believe that I curse she and tell she suck she mudda rasshole when she see me in town and talk bout me right in front she friends and still de next month she still call me and ask me where to meet she de light bill com ein so I tell she I meeting she in she stinking mudda pussy and put down the phone. Now this wishy washy loose pussy girl every time she see me in Sher*** with a woman she does walk up to them and tell them my dicky likeĀ  4 year old dont waste them time and she still got a cock pic I send she and she does pull it out to prove it 414_1000and now woman does avoid sex talk with me and laugh behind them back. It hard enough for me to find a girl as it is and when I find one that I can try to talk to she fucking up each and every one cause she know where I does handg out. I dont walk bout saying that she pussy got to be drop out if she cant feel nothing. If she pussy was tight a lil finger she would feel. She claim no that when a woman wet ya does cant feel nothing small like fingers so I fail. So Dominus the only way to find out is to ask the women who does read u page. She claim she was only getting on bad on my finger cause she wasnt wet so she could feel it but by the time I eat and had she soaking wet and put in my cock it was too small for she to react. Dat can be true or she just being an ungrateful cunt.And Dom if you know any woman dat wouldnt mind a man like me I does eat pussy long long, I does just want a lil 15 or 20 min after to enjoy maself after I eat pussy for one or 2 hours.

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