Dear Dominus “It aint nuttin so” 17/04/2019


Dear Dominus. Recently my panties have been going missing and reappearing. Like if I am looking for a particular one to wear it is not there and then a few days later it reappears. My boyfriend keeps saying that I don’t look for things properly which is true so I just put it one side and forgot about it. So Dominus as time pass this thing kept bother me and one of my neighbours while at the bus stop ask me how come **** didn’t come home for lunch yesterday. I was like ??? he comes home for lunch? She said yes, she thought I knew it does be he and different co-workers. I know that she real dangerous cause although she was saying she thought I knew and she sorry she aint want to cause no noise she was smile with a fuck up smirk.kink-link-20-april-born-nude I didn’t want to give she no more talk so I say yea I thought he did done with that and she say yes he brings home the company van and most of the time it does be he and a girl and another fella who does wait in the van. I start to put it together cause at lunch he does always call and talk to me first and ask how work doing. I decide to stay home a day and not let he know and yes he did come home for lunch and he had the woman who does work in production with he. I stay in the spare bedroom and I hear he say wait he going and pee get he food and he going be ready. Dominus I get on so fucking bad I knock on the bathroom door and ask why she in my house and he did like it aint nothing so don’t embarrass he and my mouth aint got no cover and I ask she if she fucking my man and she say no she aint interested she got she own man she just come for food cause she like how I does cook and he does want to come home to use the bathroom everyday. She say it aint nuttin and she aint want to make no noise cause she aint dealing with he. I start to wonder if she and he telling the truth but she did sound like she was being honest. He try to tell me let we go in the bedroom and talk and he pull my hand cause I did so fucking cruel he giving a woman my food every day I ain tknow if he trying to fuck she or way I fling off he hand and pull he by he pans and tell he we talking right rasshole hey in front of she. It was den Dominus that I fell this lace thing in he wast and when I pull down he belt a little he was struggling but I get it do he had on a peach panty that was mine. I was so shock I was speechless. My mouth drop open. He pull me in the bedroom and tell me it aint nothing funny. He put on one a day he aint had no clean boxers and he realise that my panties real comfortable so he does wear them from time to time to feel close to me and another reason why he does come home is because I does get home before he and he does want to take it off before I get home and see he in them and have the wrong idea. He beg me not to say nothing to he friend dat was outside but I so flabbergasted dat up to now I don’t know what to say to this man. Dominus I know that this can be a sign that he is a bulla but can it be just what he say that he trying to be close to me and my underwear just comfortable? God I hope so, just tell me so Dom? DM me when you read this.

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