Dear Dominus “Is this a trick?” 26/04/2019


Dear Dominus. So I am first to admit when I am wrong. So my ex woman who was my woman at the time, she start going out with all these promotional girls or so she say and stop paying me any mind. She had to be at every cruise, fete and party cause of her new friends and all of them just about dressing picky and drinking and getting tipsy. She stop coming over by me and cooking or doing anything for me and sex hardly used to happen. For a girl that claim she love nuff sex, we start having sex once a month sometimes once every 6 weeks. I tell she that I should really breed she and keep she ass quiet and she tell me she aitn ready when she ready she will let me know. I did want to breed she from the time I meet she cause she look real RH good too I know we child would come out real sweet. I is a man I like nuff pussy and I confuse she bout it at first but I get tired begging so I end up fucking a girl from out here that always used to smile with me. Well Dom, this girl aint all the pretty,85472097 she aint nothing to show off but she does fuck good as RH and pussy sweet and oily and I get caught up cause I was only fucking for 2 months before she say she pregnant. Woman sit down and ride my dick like a goddess andmilk my dicky of all it sperm I cant complain and then she just lay down and play with my cock head she real open and sexual. Well as I say before I is a man I own up to my wrong doings and I tell my so called woman what I do and she tell me dat we did done anyways and come for she things. As time grow on, well honestly I didn’t really like the girl that kinda way but we used to fuck every single day and she catch feelings and start sleeping by me. Woman does be real cool and cause of how she look she does act like I is a King and the best catch in the sea. What happen after she get 4 months is she come to me and tell me that she got this strange craving for sperms and want to try it for me to spout in her mouth. images009589pvI smile big and tell she yes and she start craving this and want drink my sperms every day 2 or three times a day. Even sometimes when she aint want no dickey she will tell me jerk off and let she know when I ready to spout so she can suck me off dry and that all this protein good for we child. I start to cath lil feelings cause I never had it so good she get real kinky now she pregnant and she start saying she loveme too and I didn’t care bout ppl saying I breed a monkey looking woman I did getting sweets that them never get. So my ex woman come down from she partying spree and say she had she fun she ready to settle down and tell me that she want to talk. I tell she bout what and she come by me in a lil skirt I know she did want me foop but I stay strong plus too my new friend did just done gimme heads and gone town so it did a fail on she part. She tell me that since I did always want to breed she fuck she and come in she now and breed she I aint even got to give she no money for the child she just want my baby and tell me to think about it and get back to she in 2 weeks before she period come or it off. Thing is that she look real good and everybody want she and she real hard to resist. 5403bde50535202cbcff74d6c7071071Dominus I wonder if this is a trick cause all of a sudden when I start to like my friend she just pop up and want me to fuck and all the time it was a problem but at the back of my head I still don’t wan to miss out on that opportunity to fuck and cum in she I never do that in the 2 years I had she what you feel the deal is Dom? Women does just change them mind from partying? She just want family life now or she want to mash up what my lil friend and me got? And last question Dom. You feel when my friend get the baby she will still want to drink my sperms or that is a pregnant craving thing and she will turn back normal cause then I may had just go back to the sweet girl if sex normal.

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