Dear Dominus “Is it so wrong?” 26/03/2019


Dear Dominus. Just writing in for a little advice. I finished with my ex almost a year ago, and I don’t ever want him back. Let me be clear about this. The sex with him however is bewitching. I still think about how he used to hold my waist tight when he was fucking me from behind and cum inside me when I begged him not to. The dominance in him was such a turn on. He would take me and throw me on the bed, open up my legs and eat my pussy against my will and make me cum so hard. At first he would wrap his arms around my legs and I would struggle pretending to be upset but I wanted it, but after he let go he would give me a look like bitch don’t fucking move until I cum and even when I cum and was so tender, he would look at me like again bitch, don’t fucking move. He use to put my legs on his shoulders and even though my hamstring would be burning like a motherfucker, he would fuck me like massa fucked the black slaves. He was the best sexual lover I ever had, and that kept me with him for over 4 years, through all his other shit. He would fuck me to shut me up and I am not shame to admit that I was addicted to the D. 2-black-lovers-naked-embracing-by-king-king1He had an addictive D. But Dom, finally I came to my senses, he was a dog and I was not the only girl he had, it took me 6 months of knowing and finally a girl spitting in my face in a club and laughing for me to realize that he was using me as his sex toy, cause I let him do everything including anal, through all the pain. But Dom, now I have  a stable solid man. He is not the prettiest to look at, but he is mentally and financially stable. He wants to settle down with me and I have learnt to love him. But Dom he lacks in the sex department. To get an orgasm, I have to close my eyes and think of my ex during sex with him. I know that sounds bad and I told him the things I like but that isn’t him. He is a gentle man, and not into that rough sex treatment. He makes love to me when I love to be fucked. I have sex with him as often as he wants it which is never enough for me, but I don’t plan to ever cheat on him, never plan on going back to my ex. But I miss the sexual beast that used to torment my pussy and make me his sex slave, make me swallow his drool and then his cum, even if he says no. I have fell in love with the opposite type of man and his penis is probably 4 inches the most when hard. So here I am, with a good man who can’t satisfy me sexually , so I close my eyes and imagine it is my ex to excite myself, or I slip 2 fingers in my ass when he isn’t paying attention for that sexual kinkiness or if he foes to sleep then I have to play with myself or something. It’s a good thing I call both of them Bae so he doesn’t pick up what I am thinking. He won’t do it for me, and I accept that, but Dom if I plan to never step outside the relationship, is it so wrong to imagine he is my ex so that I can satisfied?  That is the only way I cum.

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