Dear Dominus “Ice and Straws” 30/04/2019


Dear Dominus. It did with my ex it start out as a barejoke. A man curse he stinks as cunt and tell he go and suck he mudda wit a straw and he tell me that he will eat my nookie wit a straw later. I real openmind so I tell he yea wit ice and red fru*** suck um doo. We laugh about it and with ice, drink, water and choosing between a few different size straws he eat and blow cold air in my nookie and my boxie with ice water and air in me. He spout up fre fru*** in me and drink it back out wit straw it feels good how it goes inside chilly and then he lick it in between and he make me cums so much times it was soo great so it become we thing eat me out wit straws. We do it most with water but sometimes beer but I loves me some red fru***. 263-healthy-paleo-red-soda-pop-1Me and he done over that big boxy one Shan**** and I still want it I real kinky but he is a bare dirty dog so I say I will make my now boyfriend do it. I know he long time so I tell he what I likes bad but he does only make my belly hurt me real bad and sometimes I have to use bathroom after he do what I tell he with cold water ice he prefer orange juice over fru*** or dolla Bu**** or just cold air up nookie and boxie but it not the same it nevr feel the same like my ex I never cums from it I does have to play with my nookies when he is done. I don’t like brown rum it burn down in there doa. Dom the ques I really want to ask is why my belly does gripe me so now and it nevr happen before. I used ice water before and it was good he blow in inside me and it was good but now it dows make me gassy and belly and bathroom visit. Is he doing it too hard or too soft? He putting too much OJ inside me or wha? And plz Dom if u know anybody that good and eating with straws I want to meet them thank you very much. I likes a dirty man who can sucks up Red Fru**** with a straw spout it in me any hole and suck it back with straw and let it out in my mout. I know I kinky but that aint nuttin.

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