Dear Dominus “I so hooked” 22/06/2018


Dear Dominus. So last weekend, I went to **** Soca fete Friday night. I meet this girl and when I hear lil Rick song I start wukking up on she cause I was checking she every since. We get to talking and she was only there with a girl so she kinda stick on pon me for the rest of the night. I buy she drinks, we talk reason and she give me she number. At the end of the night, she ask me which direction I going so I end up dropping she and she friend and she friend man home. I did risking at she outside but all I get was a lil kiss but I say I no going rush it and get on too thirsty. Saturday she call me and tell me she miss me and want to spend some time with me and tell me let we go to the beach. Well Dom ya know de south coast fuck up with sea weed so we sent west coast and I buy pizza and chill and she friend and she man come too so it was a cool lil lime and she was all over me telling me she could see me in she life for a long time and she like my vibe. I was feeling she too and she look real sweet in she swim suit. I wasn’t going to play thirsty again so I aint risk but the whole day she was just kissing me all bout my head and thing. cover-social-media-promoA girl that I know shout me and she start getting on jealous and then she apologize saying she didn’t mean to be rude but I belong to she. Just before we get in the jeep woman pop my tongue long and tell me she feel I is the one and she falling for me. It did feel good to have that connection with somebody that feel the same way about me. From the time she say so I say I going tek my time and aint going to rush for no sex and she was thinking the same way too she tell me don’t let we spoil what we have with no sex not yet and we spend the whole night just breezing by the house till after 3am and she didn’t even want me go home the beers did flowing and everybody was tipsy but I had the ultimate respect for she and she wishes and besides the pop tongue every once in a while we just watch TV and talk cunt. I start to feel a way when the next man carry he woman and start fucking in the next room cause she was keeping bare noise but I keep it together and when I couldn’t tek it no more I say I going home. theme-party-2Sunday morning about 7am she call me saying she miss me come over and I tell she I cant come I have to go work I and she tell me spend lunch time with she and I buy food and she say she want to sit down with me as a family and eat Sunday food and when I come over I end up spending the rest of the evening woman even call my boss and say I vomiting and I feel too sick to come to the phone and we just breeze and drink and smoke and talk. Dominus in them 2 days I did feel so close to this woman and how she vibe was towards me I know she did in love but did frighten to say it so I tell she I love you baby I so hooked on this woman and I aint fuck yet so imagine when i fuck and she smile at me and just look me in my face and tell me she love me too but was frighten to say so. She tell me she want a child from me when we start sexing I don’t have to pull out but let we take it slow right now. I ain’t got no children so that sound good to me. Everything was going good next morning she call me and tell me she have something to ask but she don’t know how and then tell me don’t bother. We get so close we promise to always tell each other anything and I call back and she wouldn’t say and I had to remind she of we promise and she tell me she want some help she need $400 or she friend will put she out she does rent a room there and she behind. I stand quiet and she tell me don’t bother she will get something work out just come and spend today with she and help she pack cause she aint want to face she friend the evening without money. I come round lunch and I bring the money as a surprise and she did happy. I did feel good that I do something good for somebody and she beg me to stay but I couldn’t skip work again another day. Monday evening I pass by the house and she wasn’t there. I tell she friend I would wait and she say well she and she man leaving just now I could pass back. I pass back later in the night and the house did lock up. In them 3 lil days I get so accustom being around them I did feel odd just being home. When I call the next morning, I hear she still sleeping and during the day she aint talk to me like before. I feel fuck up now. This happen Tuesday and Wednesday and it is Thursday now and I aint see she for all these days saying she aint feel good she got she period and she don’t like to be around anoone when she got she period. She tell me that is why she was so rude and snapping at me. Dom at first I as saying she get money and now she aint want me but that excuse kind of make sense. I want some of the women to tell me if it could be true cause one minute she all over me and now she say she got she period she say she does feel crank miserable and just like to be alone. She say she aint really want to see me but yet on nights I does still hear she aint at home like she gone out till late. What to make of this, I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

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