Dear Dominus “I like what I like” 16/04/2019


Dear Dominus. I never thought I would’ve turned to you and actually find a need to ask you something but here I am. I have been with my girl for the past 5 years and since last year after September, I have confiding in her about my deep sexual fantasy that I lik3e. I will tell you about it privately but I don’t want it out there because I have been ashamed of my thoughts all my life, but as I got a little more mature I accepted to myself that I like what I like, and instead of cheating or watching porn and masturbating to it, I decided that we were close enough to talk about it and if she as not stuck-up or prude, maybe we can try it between us. I finally got the courage to blurt it out and at first she thought it was a joke but I said I was serious. She told me she would never thought about doing such with anyone, but when she saw my face she told me that once we both shower we can try it. I was like OK. kink-link-20-april-born-nudeWe did it that evening and it was so good I felt so connected with her and she was like it isn’t that bad once you get into it and said that we can do it more often and we can try it tomorrow. I was so excited. I love the role play, I love being domininated, humiliated and the leather outfits that we put on fit the role of my fantasy. I wanted to have messy sex, smothered in cake hersheys and whipped cream and licked all over including my toes and asshole. I wanted her to spit in my face and rub it in and just have the messiest sex on the planet with food. a97268_450px-wam_pied_girl2I want it al lin my hair and all over the place. I just love it. Some things that she did, in her opnion, she said it questioned my manhood, but I am all man, no doubt about that. I just like certain things done by her, no matter what society would see it as. Tomorrow came and when I suggested it and started to get into position to make it happen, ridicules, insults and disrespectful and hurtful comments came my way making me feel like less of a person. I was so ashamed and felt so low, I felt like finishing with her, how could she make such comments after I opened up to her, but then I would be in the same position with someone else, hiding my inner fetish because it is not something that I can just open up and talk about. I started to become distant and see less and less of her, and when she realised, she came and did that thing with me again and made me feel comfortable that she is OK with it. I was a little sceptical but then a few days later, out comes the low talk about me and this strange thing that I like. Dominus, I don’t know what to do or say, because I want to enjoy my life and my sexuality, but I don’t need the negative pressure from her. She even threatened and told me that if I walk away again she will let my mother know what kind of strange things I like done in bed. Am I stuck with her and her judgemental ways? Am I so wrong to like certain taboo sexual acts?

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