Dear Dominus “I got my needs” 10/05/2019


Dear Dominus. It is my sister who start me thinking about this but the thing is, my girl does move so quiet I don’t know what exactly to think. Well My woman was pregnant about 6 months ago. She got a miscarriage and we had to to go the doctor for her to do something to let it pass smoothly. My girl was supposed to be bleeding for like 2 to 3 weeks the most.kelsey_shwetz After 3 weeks she did still bleeding and I tell she I will pay or she doctor visit but she say she good she will just wait. It has been 6 months and she still wearing a pad saying she cant have sex nor nothign that she spotting and bleeding every day and it wont stop. She does wear period panties every day and pads and thing and every time I got to touch she she does tell me she still bleedign not now. When I ask about tryign other things she does say not now she belly hurting. The thing is she does still go out with she friends normal and when she got she periods she does want to stay at home and draw up. Thing is my sister tell me that she think she just don’t want to give me any sex, to check her pad when she come home and change it, the one she takes off in the morning. I never look at a pad with blood before and it take every bit of courage to go in the garbage and open that plastic bag and unroll de pad. When I open it didn’t have on no blood. I ask my girl during the day wait babes u still bleeding and she say yes it still on steady. I start checking she pads for a week and I never see a sign of blood about when I try to pull at she she does say stop she bleeding. I ask my sister as a woman what she think going on cause she does go out a lot with she girls but anytime I ask she a question she does say u know I can’t do nothing meaning she cant have sex so she cant be cheating on me but Dominus the last time I get pussy was 6 months ago. My sister say it could either be she ain’t want to have sex no more cause of the miscarriage or she dealing with somebody and aint got no more pokey for me. Thing I ask she how come she bleeding so long and she not worried and she ask if I doubt she I can look at she bloody pad but I back down. You mean Dominus to prove I know she lying I gotta show she I aint frighten to look at she pads? I see that she start back bleeding and I keep checking and it last 6 days and then done but she still continue wearing pads everyday and saying she belly cutting she. af93ac3398f78464dd91b244305d85c0Dominus I don’t know how to ask she cause the talk bout going through pads going come up but I cant tek this thing no more I got my sex needs too.

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