Dear Dominus “I give him the game” 02/01/2020


Dear Dominus. there’s a fella at lives in A**** St L*** that work’s P*** I meet him on a cruise 2years ago this man tells me he has no woman he issa man that goes from work to home he might just hang out with his workmates go to a cruise etc… kink-link-jan-4thI get to find out this man is a liar and he like whores and wukless women but anyhow I was able to find him on Instagram we talk and everything he invited me out for a night. Dominus I get to find out this man got 4 women that he does come town to meet to give them money even a nurse girl from Nels** Street. I watch this man tell me a lie I message he and ask what you doing he say he now leaving work dominus de man was right in front of me saying he at work when we in town. after seeing him putting this thick girl in a taxi and she left he send me a message saying he now get town and he up de same place he was last week i say ok so i sit back n waited for about a good 20mins and den come he say I miss u ya look sweet man I say thanks while we was there drinking his phone ringing off it say Sh** Sh** but he say its he sister he aint want to answer I went to the bathroom and come back he was hiding on he phone behind something thursdaysI watch he tell bare lies around me like I is a fool now sense he wants to be a player I give him the game he called me a night I really feel like fucking so I answered his call as we was talking he ask if I feel like sleeping out I say ok he gine and pack he bag and call me back we meet in town and when to this appartment in bla** r** on the other side of K** we watch tv and everything had something to eat he treated me really good he give me 150$ and say hold this before I forget to give you lil sain to put in you pocket I say thanks and put it to the back of my phone Dominus I went and shower when I come back he was sleeping hard so I just lay down in about 10min I feel he sucking my breast and from there was pussy and ass licking de man knows what he doing from there everything just went to my head I forget all about condoms vpr73m4sxgthat’s is the truth sense that I block him cause the truth is Dominus I was born a man I got my sex exchange in Canada 12years ago and I have syphilis for 5 years now I being so i change my phone number and everything sense that night so I’m asking all you other who having sex with him within the last two weeks that I have please see medical help I’m sorry If i hurt anyone so tell the Nurse woman from Nel*** S** and the other 3 women to go and get check out.


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