Dear Dominus “I don’t suck” 30/08/2017


Dear Dominus. I want you listen to this conversation between me and this girl and see if I wrong here or if she got a reason to get on bad. I copy and paste how it went take out me and she name out of it cause she does get on like a cunt.teaser-3

Me: Babes I got something to tell you I going keep it 100. Sex with you boring af, u does lie down like de deads and I already tell you from the get go I like my wood suck

She: I don’t suk slime cock, since my stinkin x did horn me and fuk da nasty whore raw and bringin fa me to suk afta so you wrong like cunt to bring that vives to me

Me: I need da in my life especially fa a lazy fuck like u. I like sex bad and this lay down like a log ain’t cutting it doa fr

She: I does be tired af. I don’t tell u no. Many men would like me to just lay down unda dem so them could foop me n I aint got do do one rasshole n u complain u got it gud it is de man to drive de cock de woman is to lie down n tek it

Me: I tellin u it borin af. So before we have to become wrong I dun with you and this cunt not just for that look you got a done caresh attitude. I start talking to another woman from out hey.

She: You going dun with me for not suking you stinking cock? WDR I does be hearing. u may dun but me and u ain’t dun so u got to have a gud fuckin reason fa me to ga long u don’t need u cock suk so cay ya cunt with that fuckry. If you want you cock suk so bad why ya don’t go long and let de same whore suck it but u is mine like rasshole don fuk she needa. IDGAF

Me: So u tell me that u prefer another woman to suck my cock and make me feel gud than u do it?

She: U is slow learner, IDGAF I don’t suk cock no more don’t bring dat to me no fuckin more. Dat cock is mine a whore ca suck it but if u push it in she I go fuk u up u feel I easy u say u luv me n I put my all in dis I ain one of dem girls who leggo man so u is fukin mine don’t get it twisted I would call de ***** pun u rasshole n u dun know dem don like needa. I dun with that tawk.

Me: I want you do it, I tell you already you got the perfect lips for sucking my wood

She: Fuk u ya cunt

Dominus dat was de Wednesday. How the conversation end I thought she understand me dat I moving on fa real. I aint talk to she Thursday, Friday I ignore she calls and messages and Sat night I did with a little thing and she keep calling. I put it on silent but the girl see and tell me she aint about no man dat have drama he cant handle. I did already tell she dat me and she dun like you dun see but the woman I was with did want proof plus she was giving me vibes that she would play that night. I ignore all the calls and I aint even look at my whatsapp so she could see I online but my phone did lighting up and I had she in de car. Woman start to give me heads and it did de first time I getting heads for the year I pon cloud nine dont-suckdis woman good pon it and she get frustrated and stop cause she could see my phone getting blow up the screen did lighting up all the time and hear it vibrating and it is obvious it is another woman plus where I work I cant turn off my phone and she tell me if I want she prove dat me and she dun and I say ok. Girl from before I finally answer she going ask me what I doing that I cant answer the phone I tell she getting my doggy suck and don’t call back me and she done. Woman went crazy and start shouting that me she tell me I cheating on her how I could do that to she  and all that cunt and I even tell she I tell she already and she aint done and de woman hear and tell me carry she home and shout she when I get my shit handle. De conversation went down with she asking if de girl I with is just a whore to get my doggy suck and come back to she and she did want me say yes but she did talking so hard on de phone de girl ears now peak and I say nah I like she I going mek she my girl. Dominus this woman mad as rasshole and swear she going kill everybody she wont let go and I cant get this other woman come back round me until she stop calling she feel I playing games and she don’t say she don’t deal with drama. How I could get with my new friend she sweet af but this girl I did dealing with before mad as rasshole she even get the girl number and start calling she telling she bare cunt. I want this new thing but I got to shake off the old thing.

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