Dear Dominus “I deserve this” 29/03/2019

A happy family  with their minivan.

Dear Dominus. I have been living with my boyfriend for the past 11 years but we have been together for 14. I am not working now, not for the past 7 years but you can say that I am kinda of a housewife because i do everything that a housewife does. I take care of his 2 children and the 2 that we have together. I make sure that all clothes are always washed and cleaned, pressed and hang up. I does cook all the food in this house and i run around behind the bills anf the supermarket,week-party-fri pay all the bills and make sure the two smallest ones get pick up and drop off. It was hard for me to do all of this so T**** (boyfriend) said that he will buy me a little car. The first car he bought was a little cheap old Suzuki that was bare problems. it was down more than it was up and he spend so much on it that he end up selling it to get from around the place. So I ask why not bring out a car for me that aint no stress and he say that things tight but he would do anything for em because he hate to see me struggling with the 2 last children in a bus on morning and evening especially when the rain fall. He bring home a **** and tell me that is mine and for the last 4 years he was paying it off nothing was wrong. A few months ago I went through his things and went through his payslips. Dominus how his money looking he couldnt afford to be paying for this car it just aint add up no matter what I do. I ask he how he does pay for it and he say it does come out direct he never touch it and I look at them another time he wasnt home and their was nothing recorded. So I push he and push he and humbug he untill he tell me the truth. he does work at a hotel and there are some pilots on **** that comes in and pays him $500 a pop for them to laydown and jerk off one another. he say he aint no bulla so that was his limit cause he was willing to pay more if he do more but he say he aint like that but don’t worry about it cause it aint that seroius. f2c72e197a6f7aa4e8b20b6e05e7b4a5-15So Dominus this man say he was only doing it for me and paying in all the money to the Credit Union for my car but I start to scorn he just at the thought. He say it aint nothing serious but when you think you know somebody then something like this pops up. I couldnt stomach him touching me no more and I tell he that so nasty I cant sex he anymore and he tell me he and the man only jerk one another off nothing big nothing else and he only do it to pay for the car for me. I tell he nah I aint about that and he say he only got one more year of this and then he done and I tell he stop. He say if he stop them going take up the car. I tell he find another way and he dont kow how he going squeeze all that money from. So Dominus he come around me again for sex and I say no he nasty and I think I done with this and he say well he hope I done with the car too cause he lower heself to help me and I ungrateful. Dominus that is my car I deserve this and he cant take it. He say it in he name and it is either we continue and I give him sex or I leave that I cant want the car and not him and leave the car he do what he had to do for but I dont think he deserve to get back no car cause what about payment for all those years I was he housewife and yes it in he name but so what. the only reason I aint put he on blast is because he is my children father but people like he nasty af. Looking at this man you would never guess cause women throw themself at he but I now know that it is men too. That car is mine and he cant touch me no more not with hands that do something like that am I wrong?

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