Dear Dominus “I am self-conscious” 12/12/2017


Dear Dominus. I am between a rock and a hard place. My man turned out to be a nasty motherfucka, and I am a horny motherfucka. You see, I like to get eaten, I mean I LOVE IT. Getting eat out is the only way I orgasm. Everything was going fine till we went to an afterwork lime a few Fridays ago and I had in some drinks and he came home and pushed me in the bed and ate me out teaser-14and do all sorts of things that he don’t usually do. I would never let he eat out my ass and he say I wuk up bad when he do that but I cant remember. He held me down and I wanted to pee so bad that some came out all over the bed when I was coming and he freaked out in a happy way. Now this is not what I am complaining about, but now this nasty motherfucka say I taste better stale than fresh and keeps asking me to let him eat me out before I freshen up or even if I am at home asks me not to wash down there. Dominus I am very self-conscious and I can’t do that. I love a bath, but now it has been three weeks since he eat me out because I am always bathing and he is making a point cause he say I able to do certain things and he not accepting boring sex anymore. I don’t want to cheat on him, but I want my pussy eaten and he won’t eat it unless I give him it stale and funky. Ive tried talking to him, dressing up sexy for himself-conscious2 but he says he is my man and he likes what he likes and he wants it how he asked for it. What should I do Dom, I could never soberly enjoy anyone down there if I have not freshened up my mind would be racing because I am very self-conscious and that is just plain ol nasty what he is asking. What would u ladies do in my case.

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