Dear Dominus “How to explain” 09/08/2019


Dear Dominus. I am lost how to explain my situation with my woman cause she is too controlling and never listens to me. Well I know I can be honest with you Dom like I always am. You know I was still dealing with my child mother when I start talking to D right? What I didn’t tell you in the beginning is that D is so controlling that whenever I come home she would play she so horny but she used to skin back my doggy and start to suck it smell it and even lick my balls and smell dem. She does den make me cum in she face or she hand or on she bubbies and go and look in the mirror to measure how much cum I have left inside me to see if I cheating. npa-aug-31Woman does squeeze my balls to see how full dem is. At that time as I tell you I was fucking my child mother from start so my doggy always used to smell like she and I aint had no fear. Dom I could’ve come straight from hitting she doggy still damp and she would suck it long af and say yea you smell like youself. So now my child mother meet this man round crop over and she tell me she cant do this with me no more stay with my woman and gone long with this new man, I say I going try being clean. Dom this is the worst thing I ever do. This woman swear I dealing with another woman. She stab me with a pencil in my belly and bite my balls saying them smell different. If she wasn’t pregnant I would fuck she up but woman hitting me and getting me sick with she cunt just cause I clean now and not fucking. I catch the woman pouring some cunt in my Vodka kadooment day before I leff home and I had to throw way a whole bottle of Dew****. I cant tek it no more and she say if I leave she going kill sheself and if I don’t stop fucking on she head she going kill me. Dis is what I get for trying to be clean. I did start talking to a lil bone bird but she tell me I gotta wear a condom and for sure she will smell dat. I would just like a woman dat pussy smell the same as my CM so that things can go back peaceful but I cant find any. I don’t know what or how to tell she what is the real situation I  trying to be a good man since she close to she due date but it is quarrelling day in and day out and even the doctor say she pressure too high.

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