Dear Dominus “How long” 21/11/2017


Dear Dominus. This is a question I feel women should answer cause the men at work just as confused like me. I got this new thing, only fucking she for 2 months. She does sleep by me almost everyday so you know Dom I does pull at she pussy regular before I go sleep. She come in the bedroom looking for clothes and i bend she over and fuck she and lay back down. I had she keeping nuff noise and she did seem she enjoy de cock. quickie-1I didn’t even know it was a problem but a night she going hit me with “We aint got no where to go, why you don’t stop with all these quickies. Dominus, I did already put in a solid 15 minutes of fucking and I know for sure she come. I ask she you come? She say yes, and I come what more yuh could want. She going tell me she want more like cock does work off batteries. Dom every man know after ya break ya have to rest off before ya stand up again. Furthermore, if you don’t come when I come you could come when I come back. The woman hit me with if she don’t come when I come, then she aitn coming back. teaser-12But the big argument come that I does give she bare quickies anything like 15 mins is a quickie and she want me fuck she for an hour or hour and a half. Dominus, I 34 now, not 17 no more. Bam Bam juck juck pull out and break, I aint know what knid of hour talk she talking bout. Now I asking the women and men who does read you. How long should be the average sex and what do wunna consider to be a quickie.

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