Dear Dominus “How can this work? 04/04/2019


Dear Dominus. My man is a real sweetheart. He is a good giver and for the first few months in our relationship he hasn’t pressured me into sexual penetration. He has however, eaten the fuck out of my pussy and my ass like a pro every time I give him a chance which is almost every time I see him but he says that he is good, he doesnt want anything in return, it is all about me. preview-mp4After 3 months of being pleased, I told him that I need to be fucked hard. Ladies you know that nothing beats a good hard dick inside of you, no matter how good the tongue is. I went all over him, even gave him head and jerk him off but he stayed flaccid and to my surprise he even cum on my hands. I never knew a man can ejaculate while soft. He enjoyed what I did for him but he was embarrassed. Now he never asks me for any sexual favours and he avoids me doing it for him. After talking to you, I did exactly what you said not to do and brought home a strap on and told him to attach it onto his face or mouth and fuck me cause I just want a hard dick inside of me. He threw it to the floor and I told him well watch me fuck myself and left immediately and said that is total disrespect. It took a few weeks for him to come back and see me and since then he has not allowed me to touch him down there and he only eats and fingers me and then he says he is good. Dominus, is it possible that he still wants sex although he has a problem staying hard? Should I just allow him to please me and forget about if he has needs? Can that work  or is that being selfish? Do you think he will leave me if I continue like this? I am so afraid to talk to him about it cause he doesn’t want to discuss it. He shut the conversation right down and then becomes scarce for a few days until I act like I have no interest in talking about it. One time he went into my drawer to get money and saw the same dildo I bought and got so pissed he took it and threw it in the garbage and said he never wants me to use it again. He also disappeared for a few days. I gather that he is ashamed as a man that he cannot maintain an erection. If we are to have a real future, how can this work?

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