Dear Dominus “House Guest” 05/06/2019


Dear Dominus. I am writing to ask your forum Dominus about this situation that is currently happening to me. Well I was born in Barbados and I moved to the USVI when I was 6. Something happened to my Grammy health she was really ill and bedridden for a long time article-0-1b07e488000005dc-90_634x479so we as a family decided to come back. We spoke to my uncle who made all the arrangements for us to be his house guest for a month. My mother me and my brother who has never been to Barbados all came and stayed by my uncle who lives at Grammys newly refurbished house alone since she has been in hospital. Well she was sent home basically to die because the doctors said they can do nothing more for her and advised the family to come and spend as much time with her as possible. My brother also brought his companion who is his same sex. When we arrived my uncle asked if he is a bulla and we were a bit confused but my mother answered yes but don’t let it be a problem and he said that he has nothing against bulla men (Now I know that means gay men.) My uncle is a real macho type man and is very  pompus. My brother is younger than me I am now 30 and he is 22 so he is very expressive and open and he and his lover are always kissingkissing120 and sitting in each other’s lap etc. I am accustomed to them and the first night that we stayed the made love in their room and they were extremely loud and expressive. He is very vocal and we all know where he likes it put and where he likes his partner to ejaculate apparently in his mouth and they are both very happy and very openly sexual. The next day my uncle came out hopping mad and told them at the table that loud bulla sex like that can’t work in his house try and hold it down he has neighbours who has little children. They were like we love each other and it is not a crime. He said in Barbados it is and that’s not the reason but he just don’t like to the idea of bulla men humping and shitty up his sheets. I am saying his exact words minus the Rassholes he always says. My mother defended her son and it was a loud argument and Grammy overheard and shouted and said to stop quarrelling in her place and that broke the quarrel. I know my little brother, no one tells him what to do and sure enough the next night they were even louder and did 2 rounds where they were VERY vocal in what was happening. I didn’t have to be inside that room to know the ball by ball play of each of them. The next day, we were all put out although Mummy also technically has claim to the house but because he lived there all his life he is treating it as not. He says yes it is Grammy house but he build all the refurbishment out of his own pocket so he has most say and cursed my brothers bf and say he is not even family to have a voice in the house. He says my brothers actions are disrespectful to him and Grammy cause we all know they don’t like bullas. BUt wait, didnt he say he has nothing against them? Hypocritical isnt it? My brother wants to fight and sue for gay rights and how he was treated and I want to know your readers thoughts on how he was treated Mr Dominus since I read you all the time and lots of Barbajans also freely express themselves here. What should we do, we don’t have enough money for the time we intended to stay to keep renting this expensive hotel and no other family has room. Should we fight this? Should we contact the local LGBTQ here? Don’t we all have a right to be who we are?

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