Dear Dominus “House Arrest” 18/01/2019


Dear Dominus. I would like to talk to someone who has been in a similar situation like me. Well I have a controlling boyfriend and I am not sure if he is going too far. He was not always like this, he became more possessive when I slipped up and ended up cheating on him with an old boyfriend. I myself don’t even know why I did it, he was taking me home and he stopped by the beach and we were talking then we ended up kissing and before I know it he was on top of me. When I got home my boyfriend was at the door blue vex since it was close to 8pm and I was not answering y calls, he snatched my phone from me and my ex told me he hope I have a good night we should do it again was the last message. I told him the truth, and he said we were done and I begged him to stay and he told me only if I completely obey him and comply with his He told me I must get home by 6:30pm on evenings and I must catch the bus or he will put me on house arrest. Dom this man don’t mean ZRs or Yellow vans, he MEANS the Transpo** Bo*** bus and you know how them run. I finish work at 4:00 and I work in town so he says that is more than enough time to get the *** bus. Dom if I get in at 6:31, I have to stay inside the house for an entire week, where I cannot watch TV, go on my phone nothing. I am told to bathe, eat my dinner and drink water and go to sleep where he turns off the light. If he leaves, he locks the doors, the wrought iron gate and takes all the keys. He takes the cord to the TV and the remotes, and even does something with the radio that it can stuck on ***** (AM station).  I can’t go in the yard, even on the patio, he does even close the curtains and ask me what I looking outside for if I looking for a man. On house arrest, I have no say in sex, even if I on my period and he want it I must shower and put a towel under me and let him do his thing. He says this is the only way he can trust me again, by seeing that I can completely obey what he says without complaint. Dominus it is very hard sometimes, just staring at the walls or having to go in another room if he is watching TV just to listen from the other room. What is even harder, is if he wants to watch TV in the bedroom and I am already comfortable, I have to take the blanket and go in the front and lay down till he turns off the TV. All I ever do is wrap up in my blanket and sleep. fanIf he falls sleep with it on, I must stay out there. I love him and I want this to work, a man who will stay is hard to find, and I don’t want to be running all over the place like before. I know its my fault for making the mistake but I just need to talk to someone who was in a similar situation to help me through this. He has also installed ***** (a GPS app) on my phone so he can know where I am at all times. I know he won’t be like this all the time he says if Im really good he will let up a bit for crop over so I can enjoy the activities with him.

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