Dear Dominus ‘Honesty Moment” 18/03/2019

Shot of a young couple at home

Dear Dominus. last weekend me and my girl was talking and we went out and we was really hitting it off good. She say to have a good relationship we shouldnt have any secrets between us and I agree so we decide to have an honesty moment and the agreement was that we not to get vex at nothing each other say or hold it against each other, we could ask as much questions then but after that dont talk about it cause this is a new year and we suppose to be going forward from there. Dominus I open and tell she about dirt that i was doing when we first start talking and she tell me ok, ask a few questions and then it was she turn. kink-link-23-marDominus this woman tell me about a man that used to work with me that used to fuck she left right and centre when I had she, and when I used to drop she work at 7, she really had to get in for 8:30 and sometimes the fella used to carry she for a drive for you know what. Woman even tell me that she number of sex partners aint 14 like she tell me when we first sart talking, but it is 67 cause she was hot when she was younger and she did like lots of sex. I know I do just as much as she and I tell sh etoo, but now I can’t look at she the same. When I went to fuck she all I could think about is my co-worker fucking and I couldnt even get hard. She ask me what happen and I tell she I thinking about the things she tell me. Now she saying that I immature that I cant accept the truth but she can accept mine and move on. Dom how I could get them things out my mind. How I could forget that the man like them white lace panties I buy for she now I hate them and I plan to fuck them way. Man used to trunk and she never let me do that tell me she like it but now she just wanna dun with that life but the man who does laugh in my face get all the sweetness. How can I forget that she used to like to give he heads and it wasnt a problem but I had to quarrel to get mine from she. These things bothing me and I think I can’t handle it but i make a deal and dunning with she is going back on my word. I want advice what to do from here Dominus.

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