Dear Dominus “Hold on or push” 24/10/2019


Dear Dominus. I want your people to tell me what them think about this situation. I meet this woman in May this year and I would say from early July the 2nd I think we become a couple. Now from my last relationship the woman say I like too much sex cause I did want sex 5 times a week and thing so when this woman say sex aint all of that important to shehalloween-party-2019 I say I will keep it cool and give she time. Dominus up to now this is October 19th I never smell, see nor even hear she pussy coming my way. I tired jerking off I mussie watch all the porn on the internet and got to watch it over now. Dom, it aint like I don’t spend nuff time with she, Every day I see this woman. I take she work, bring she home, go lunch sometimes, supermarket, dates everything I always with this woman in all of we spare time. She sleep by me and I sleep by she but anytime I risk a little something she just say she aint really bout that now she hope I understand. Now Dom, I don’t want to sound hard up but you don’t think it is about time she pass little pussy or at least give me some heads or jerk me off? Nothing the woman aint bout. I been a good man to this woman for months and when I tell she so she say if I do things for her so that sex is my reward but Dom when she say so it sound bad but a man got he needs. I don’t want to fuck round none of my exs but my hand tired. My birthday was Oct 1st and I ask she if I can get a little action for it and she say plain out no she aint about that sort of thing right now in she life. I come out and ask she if we will never have sex and she start shouting and tell me that is all we men want, she is a prize and a good woman if I want a slut to horn me I can go long but she will never horn me nor treat me bad but for right now she aint about no sex and she aint studying nothing so. Dom she does say she love me, she does cuddle with me at night and she mad jealous if I look at another woman. She is 28 now and she say she will start back being sexually active for she 30th birthday. She does wash cook clean everything in one but no sex.  What you think I should do, hold out some more or push off?

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