Dear Dominus “Her beliefs” 05/03/2019


Dear Dominus. Me and her decided to take it slow when we met. She is part of a serious rastafari African movement and is a real spiritual person and I appreciate her positive attitude. After about 4 months when we got really close she decided that she was comfortable enough to take it to the next step with me. She doesn’t believe in lots of things, contraceptives is one of them, so we both went and got tested at the doctor for everything and we were close enough at this point to trust each other. kink-link-23-marThe wait for intimacy was hard but worth it because when we finally had sex it was awesome. All but one part. She loves to get eaten, and I love to eat, but she also doesn’t believe in shaving her crutch. Her hair is soooooooooo long, it goes in my nose and makes me very uncomfortable. The hair even humbugs my sinuses and makes me sneeze. Thing about her is, that since we introduced sex into our lives, she likes sex everyday, and every time she wants to be eaten which is a horrible experience for me. I actually hate eating her. After her period her vagina has that pink smell for over a week, then afterwards the sweat and her discharge scent takes over since she is always very wet. beauty-by-o11I asked her to trim or shave and she told me to forget about it that this is out of the question. She said Jah gave her hair for a reason and the same way she is not cutting the hair on her head, she is not cutting the hair down there either. I told her about how her hair retains scents and she started to sing “How punani was invented song” to imply that a vagina should have a scent. She dismisses all of my concerns and believes in a man must lick it before he sticks it. The smell and the taste has me wondering if this is a good enough reason to call it quits cause she is never going to budge from her beliefs and I know this. What do you think Dominus? Should I endure the torture or leave?

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