Dear Dominus “Help me Understand” 13/03/2019


Dear Dominus. I would like you to explain this to me please. I have had the same boyfriend for the past 4 years. We live together, well I moved in by him after we got serious and started having sex regularly. I can’t remember exactly when, but one sleep over bag turned into two and then I had a toothbrush there and then I just never went home. Over the years, we talked about children, and he would always say that his child mother does take every extra set of money he have and he ant deal with any more children right now. kink-link-23-marRespectfully, I had 3 abortions by his wishes because he wasn’t financially able. I got pregnant one more time and he was pissed saying I does get pregnant too easily, and he cant even deal with the $700 right now to do the procedure and I told him I want to have it because I have already had 3 abortions over 4 years and when I am ready I may not be able to have anymore children. live-music-sat-nightsDominus this man blow up and did not speak to me until I came home from the doctor and told him it was done. Dominus this time I was bleeding so bad and my belly ache was more than normal, almost unbearable and I could not leave home, I even took time off from work. A night he came in from smoking and drinking outside and fell asleep with his phone in his hand, messaging someone, the person was sending back to back messages, and curiosity made me take the phone out of his had and read it. If I wasnt malicios I wouldve never know this. Dominus, he has another woman 24 weeks pregnant, and is happily going through with it. I read messages from all last year, she said she not getting rid of it and he wasn’t even mad. He sent a smiley face. He takes he to private doctor, and takes care of her every want and need.  Dom, the messages hurt my essence, it is so bad that she said she want a baby and he said OK from now on he cumin inside of her pussy instead of her ass and she sent a smiley face. This is just a few months after the last abortion he made me do, so he is making me abort his children and trying to get one with her? She knows about me, and she doesn’t I get on so fucking pissy up in the house and I lock him out the bedroom. I break everything in the house my hands get on and he know he was wrong and keep saying it was a mistake and he is sorry. I don’t know where I stand or what is my next move. Please help me understand Dom. I never knew he had an outside woman but isnt it suppose to be the inside woman who the man has the family with?

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